What Should I Consider When Buying a Coat Rack?

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Buying a coat rack for your home can help organize an entryway, foyer, or mud room and is a virtually essential organizing accessory in households with children. There are several different types of coat rack to choose from, including free standing coat trees and wall mounted coat racks. To make the most of your space and organizing efforts, consider the overall use of your entryway or mud room while considering the type of coat rack you want to buy.

Every house has a main point of entrance where not only coats, but also hats, gloves, and shoes are shed and collected each day. The right coat rack will help control the clutter and make the space easier to use. If your entryway is very small and lacks a closet of any kind, you might want to choose a wall-mounted coat rack. Consider a combination shelf and coat rack for additional organization. There are many different styles that combine shelf space, cubicle storage, and pegs for hanging coats, and by mounting a combination coat rack to the wall, you can conserve valuable floor space.


If your entryway is small but has a closet, consider an over-the-door coat rack. These are easy to install, as they simply hang over the top of the door with the option to further secure them with screws. Over-the-door coat racks provide the option to hang the hooks facing out for convenient use in the fall and winter and facing in to store coats out of sight in the spring and summer.

Homes with larger mud rooms or foyers that afford more space can accommodate more versatile styles of coat racks. If you have enough space, you might consider a hall tree. A hall tree is a piece of furniture that includes a bench, usually with a flip-up seat for additional storage inside, a mirror for last minute appearance checks, and several racks for coats. Some hall trees also have umbrella stands built in. If you have the room, hall trees are the most versatile type of coat rack, not only allowing for organized storage, but also providing a practical place to put on shoes or perform other last minute dressing.

Selecting the right coat rack for your space helps contain clutter, but also make sure you leave room to designate a space for shoes and other items. If you have children, consider a coat rack that will accommodate both coats and book bags. Also, avoid freestanding coat trees that can tip easily, and remember to hang wall-mounted coat racks where children can reach them.


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