What Should I Consider When Buying a Checkbook Wallet?

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When you’re in the market for a checkbook wallet, there are a few things to consider. Start by deciding whether you prefer a simple checkbook wallet, with just the necessary compartments, or something more intricate with plenty of extras. Think about the things you plan to carry in your checkbook wallet, and be sure to purchase one that is capable of holding them all.

As you examine checkbook wallets, pay close attention to the number of credit-card slots each wallet offers. If you plan to carry ten different cards, be sure to choose a wallet with enough slots. If you carry plastic discount and membership cards, make certain you have enough slots for them as well.

In your search for a good checkbook wallet, consider your need for pockets. If you like to tuck receipts, sales slips, coupons, and business cards in your wallet, select one with pockets. Also, consider what you will do with your change. If you plan to carry it in your wallet, instead of your pocket, look for a checkbook wallet with a zippered change purse. If possible, place a bunch of change in the purse section of the checkbook wallet you’re considering. If it makes the rest of the wallet too bulky, choose a different wallet.


Once you’ve found a checkbook wallet that suits your functional requirements, take the time to pay attention to its aesthetic appeal. Looks matter, as you will be confronted with the visual style of your checkbook wallet each time you need to remove something from it or put something into it. Be sure to select one you'll like after looking at it for months on end.

Pay attention to how your checkbook wallet feels in your hands. Make sure you can comfortably hold it without feeling awkward. Try out any closures and zippers. You want to be certain your belongings will be secure within your wallet, yet easy to access when you need them. If opening or closing any part of the checkbook wallet is difficult, move on to a different wallet.

Don’t forget to examine the stitching on the checkbook wallet you’re considering. The stitching should be even and secure. You don’t want your wallet falling apart at some point in the future, allowing your money and cards to drop out at an inopportune place and time.


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