What Should I Consider When Buying a Carpet Sweeper?

Patti Kate

When buying a carpet sweeper, consider whether you want one that cleans bare floors as well as carpet. Also consider whether you need attachments for cleaning upholstery or hard-to-reach places. Since the sweeper may come with a motor and an electrical cord, consider whether this is practical. You may prefer a lightweight, rechargeable carpet sweeper for ease of use and portability.


Many carpet sweepers have reclining handles, which can be a useful feature. Using one without a reclining handle may require moving furniture to reach underneath. For compact storage, choose a machine that has a space-saving design. Telescoping handles are great for this purpose.

Also consider the construction of the carpet cleaner you're planning on buying. Look for the removable dust pan to be be made of solid steel rather than cheap plastic. The same rule should apply to the construction of the handle. Besides being durable and long lasting, steel is easier to clean than plastic.

You might be concerned about the carpet sweeper damaging your furniture as it brushes against it. For this reason, be sure your sweeper has some type of thick padding or bumper. A heavy rubberized material will offer the best protection for the wooden legs on chairs and sofas.

Ease of operation and maintenance requirements are important criteria when choosing a new carpet sweeper. Consider whether you prefer one that uses a washable filter. A filter may be beneficial for trapping household allergens, but consider the additional maintenance in cleaning a filter, as well as the cost of replacement filters. Some sweepers have rotor blades that are removable for washing. You can also choose a carpet sweeper that simply uses a dust pan that you empty after each use.

If you have pets that shed, you might want a sweeper that comes with some type of cleaning device or comb for cleaning the brush. This is helpful for removing the hairs that become tangled in the rolling brush. This may not be an issue if you don't have pets or you don't mind removing dirt and hair on the rolling brush by hand.

Finally, consider whether the carpet sweeper comes with a manufacturer warranty. This is important in case of a defect in workmanship or other failure. It should state on the packaging whether a warranty is included.

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