What Should I Consider When Buying a Broom?

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When buying a broom, consider the type of job that you need it for. There are many varieties of broom, each suited to different sweeping tasks. Consider whether you need a broom for outdoor or indoor use, for large or small jobs, for open areas or narrow spaces behind and under furniture. If you have multiple types of sweeping jobs in your home, it may be easier in the long run to purchase a few different types of broom rather than using one kind for different jobs.

Though brooms are most often made with synthetic fibers nowadays, natural brooms, made with corn fibers, are also available. Both are made to pick up small particles of dirt and dust, so the choice between natural and synthetic is mainly one of personal preference. Corn brooms have frayed ends that trap small bits of dirt, while synthetic brooms are chemically treated to attract debris.

Some brooms have strands of a uniform length, while others have an angled end. The angled kind is good for reaching into corners, while a straight-ended broom can cover a greater area of the floor at once. Consider the area you need to sweep to determine which shape would better suit your needs.


For quick, precise sweeping jobs in small areas, a handheld broom or whisk broom may be your best option. Many come with attached dustpans for extra convenience. A whisk broom may also be helpful in cleaning up any tiny debris left behind after sweeping with a standard broom.

A push broom is the best for larger jobs and outdoor use. This type of broom is usually much wider than a standard indoor broom and is used to push debris away from oneself, rather than sweeping sideways or towards oneself as with a standard broom. Push brooms are great for driveways, garages, and other large areas as they can cover a much wider area than a regular broom.


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Microfiber brooms and mops are best.

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The handle of the broom is an important consideration. You want to be comfortable sweeping. Plastic can be nice, because it won't splinter. However, some duct-tape can fix the problem of the wooden brooms splintering. Some brooms have a comfort grip that is nice if you will be doing a lot of sweeping.

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Another possible consideration is environmental impact. Traditionally the corn husk brooms have been a more environmentally friendly option. Brooms made out of recycled plastic are now available though.

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Thanks for helping us get a handle on brooms.

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