What Should I Consider When Buying a Box Spring?

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If you’ve noticed that you’re not sleeping as soundly as you once were, it may be time to replace your box spring and mattress. While many people mistakenly believe a comfortable mattress is the key to a restful slumber, the box spring is actually designed to work with the mattress to give you a comfortable night's sleep. If it’s time to replace your mattress, you need to consider buying a box spring as well. Generally, the expected life of a mattress and box spring is eight to 10 years. When buying one, you'll need to figure out which one is most comfortable for you, the size of the set, and how much you can afford to spend.

A box spring serves several useful purposes. First, it helps to elevate your bed to a height that is more comfortable. Second, it helps to reduce wear and tear on your mattress by absorbing up to half of your body weight while you sleep. It also provides a firm and even surface for the mattress.


When buying a box spring and mattress, you’ll want to spend plenty of time comparing the comfort level of different bed sets. While visiting your local furniture store, don’t be afraid to lie down and roll around on the merchandise. You may feel silly pretending to sleep in a crowded store, but this is truly the only way to ensure you are getting a product that fit your needs. If you share your bed with a partner, bring him or her along as well.

If you live in a house with small rooms, stairs, or narrow doorways, remember to take these measurements with you when making your purchase. It can be very difficult to maneuver a bed around tight corners, so you’ll want the salesperson to help you check out split box springs and other options that can make this task easier. You don’t want to discover too late that your brand-new bed won’t fit into your bedroom.

Many shoppers often wonder if there is a difference between a foundation and a box spring. While box springs have coils that work with your mattress to provide extra resiliency, a foundation is a hard platform that simply rests beneath your mattress. Both can be thought of as giant shock absorbers, however.

As you’re buying a box spring and mattress, remember to think of your purchase as an investment. It’s fine to take your time comparison shopping, but try not to focus on simply finding the lowest-priced merchandise. It may seem like a new bed set is very expensive, but you probably spend one-third of your life sleeping. Buying a bed that suits your needs is an investment in your overall health and well-being.


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Post 3

Buying a bed can be very frustrating. Do you want to know what's the difference between a $600 set and a $2000 set? It's the support. Beds have weight limits. They don't mark them with weight and the sales person never wants to talk about it. If you don't do it in the right way they lose the sale. So when you are looking, take in your own size and how long you want to own this bed.

The box spring is important for your bed. It acts as a shock absorber so the mattress doesn't have to. Every time you buy a mattress, buy the set. The box spring is a fraction of the cost.

The most important piece

of your new mattress will be your bed frame. It's not an add on sale; it's the problem solver. Bed frames more than 10 years old are probably no good. Mattresses are way heavier than they used to be. The first part of a bed that breaks is the frame, then the box spring and lastly the mattress. Get the best frame, which typically costs $120.

Lastly, also when buying a new mattress, go to a mattress store, not Macy's, Sears, or any place like that, but a mattress store. You can buy beds at about 30-45 percent off, except Tempurpedic or icomfort. Once you find the bed you like, tell the sales person I want this bed and yes I'll pay delivery, but I'm paying how ever much. They will say let me see what I can do and will try to will and deal. Just stay nice and polite. Go when they are first open or are about to close. They want the first and last sale.

Post 2

How can you tell if it is your box spring going or the mattress? Or in the worst-case scenario, both?

While knowing the average lifespan of a box spring is helpful, actually trying to figure out if it needs to be replaced seems hard to tell.

Also, in regards to box spring warranties, do you have to buy one from the store itself, or is it usually a manufacturer thing?

If you need to purchase one, do you think it would be a good investment, or that it would never be used?

I have never noticed if my box spring has a warranty or not and would definitely consider getting one with my newest purchase.

Post 1

There are great sales on box springs year round and it is a good idea to shop around. While the cheapest price won't always get you the best box spring, a deep discount can certainly help your pocketbook.

Also, if you head into a store and everything is in mattress and box spring pairs, don't worry. They always sell them separately as well. If you already know the brand of your mattress and want something to match it, you can just ask for that piece.

Also, if your box spring is feeling uncomfortable, check to see if there is a warranty attached. You may be able to recoup some, or all of the costs when getting a new one.

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