What Products do I Need to Clean my Bathroom?

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Bathrooms, along with kitchens, can be breeding grounds for germs. This means cleaning your bathroom with the right products is extremely important. Just a few well thought out products can make your bathroom sparkling and sanitized. All purpose cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, tile cleaner, chrome cleaner and glass cleaner are the five products you need to thoroughly and effectively clean your bathroom.

All purpose cleaners with a disinfectant added can be used on tubs, tile, floors, and sinks when you clean your bathroom. If your tile or shower wall has hard water stains or calcium deposits, look for a specific product designed to remove these. You may also need to look for a scrubbing sponge that will not scratch your bathtub. An old toothbrush is often perfect for cleaning the grout in between tiles.

When you clean your bathroom floor with an all purpose cleaner, you can clean it by hand with rags if your bathroom is small. A small foam pad will add more comfort for your knees. If your bathroom floor is large, you may want to use a sponge mop instead.

Toilet bowl cleaner is a must when you clean your bathroom. Always be careful to follow the directions on the bottle. A toilet brush in a plastic holder is inexpensive and convenient when kept near the toilet for touch ups when the toilet begins to look dirty after you clean your bathroom.


Chrome cleaner can make your shower and sink taps gleam. Use a soft cloth or paper towel to apply and then rinse the chrome cleaner off. If you dry and polish your taps and bathtub fixtures to a sparkle when you clean your bathroom, somehow the whole bathroom can seem to look even cleaner.

Glass cleaner is perfect if you have a glass shower door, but be sure to remove any soap scum first. Also, be careful not to mix ammonia with bleach products or a poisonous gas can form. Glass cleaner is a must to make mirrors streak-free when you clean your bathroom, and it is also perfect for bathrooms that have windows.


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Post 2

I agree with you about using vinegar to clean bathrooms Heavanet. If you don't have hard water, it may also clean showers. However, you may also need to use a toilet bowl cleaner for toilet cleaning, as vinegar may not be strong enough.

Post 1

I think a mixture of vinegar and water is one of the best, natural solutions for bathroom cleaning. It doesn't leave harmful fumes, and is good for cleaning a variety of surfaces such as mirrors, chrome, and counter tops. I also like to use vinegar for cleaning floors. However, you may need to use a stronger cleaner for removing hard water deposits in the shower or bathtub.

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