What Precautions Should I Take During Cataract Surgery Recovery?

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You will be expected to rest for the first few days after cataract surgery, and will not be allowed to drive yourself home from the procedure. As you heal, you will need to protect the affected eye from debris and injury, which means that you should avoid rubbing or touching it. You will also need to avoid wearing makeup or getting water in your eye. Finally, cataract surgery recovery also requires that you avoid strenuous activity while you heal. Wearing safety glasses or sunglasses can help you continue to protect your eyes even after your doctor agrees that you can return to your normal routine.

Cataract surgery recovery usually requires that you wear a protective eye shield home from the procedure. You are encouraged to wear it while you sleep in order to prevent you from rubbing the eyes, as this can slow down the healing process. Rubbing your eyes may also introduce bacteria or debris to the area, causing an infection or additional irritation. Of course, accidentally bumping or otherwise injuring an eye that is recovering from surgery is particularly painful, which is why wearing a protective shield during cataract surgery recovery is encouraged.


Your surgeon will likely advise you not to wear makeup while your eye heals, so be sure to avoid doing so until you are told that you can wear it again. In fact, touching your eye at all can hinder recovery, which means that you should try to sleep on the side that has not just undergone surgery since the pillow or sheets could bother the eye. You will likely be advised by your doctor not to take a hot shower for about a week after surgery, as getting hot water in your eye can be painful and dangerous. Instead, consider taking either a bath or lukewarm shower facing away from the water, and then wash your face with a washcloth afterward. This minimizes the chances of getting any water in your eye during cataract surgery recovery.

The doctor will likely advise you to avoid strenuous activity for at least a week after the procedure, and you will usually have to wait even longer to resume any water sports. If your job requires heavy lifting or any other movement in which you must strain, let your doctor know so that you can be told when to return to work. Once you do resume normal activities, you should wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from debris, dirt, or injury. Sunglasses are also advised during cataract surgery recovery, as your eyes will likely be more sensitive to the sun than usual.


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Cataract surgery is not a big deal theses days. I had the surgery last year at the Evergreen Eye Clinic in Washington. It takes only a few hours and most probably you will be able to go home the same day. So, a lot of preparation is not needed for cataract surgery.

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