What Places Should I Visit in my Life?

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Without knowing a specific person, it's difficult to answer the question, “what places should I visit?” After all, every person has different desires and likes and dislikes, and the places they might enjoy might be completely different than those someone else would like. Still, there are a few places that come to most people's minds when they ask themselves, “what places should I visit before I die?” Both sites from antiquity and sites of natural beauty are popular places to visit.

For people who love the ancient world, there are a number of sites of particular importance and majesty. The Pyramids of Giza, for example, are so iconic that nearly everyone comes to them when asking, “which places should I visit?” The Great Pyramid itself was born sometime around 2550 BCE, making it the oldest of the three pyramids, and one of the oldest, most impressive structures still on earth. For nearly four thousand years, the Great Pyramid was the tallest man-made structure on earth, until modern building methods in the past two centuries finally allowed buildings to be built that are even taller.


Stonehenge is another prehistoric monument that many people want to see in their lives. Built around the same time as the Great Pyramid, or perhaps a bit later, Stonehenge inspires people because of its solemn beauty and the mystery surrounding it. It is a remarkable achievement for an ancient peoples, acting as a seasonal clock, as well as a likely monument to the dead. How the stone was transported to Stonehenge, and then how it was erected, remains the subject of a great deal of debate, and like the Great Pyramids, theories abound regarding its creation.

Angkor Wat is another remarkable archeological site on earth, which people flock to in droves every year to see. It was built in the early 12th century, and remains one of the most impressive construction feats on the planet. It includes an outer wall more than 2.2 miles (3.6 km) long, with many interior structures. The walls are adorned with complex bas reliefs, and the entire complex is covered in beautiful artwork. It resides in the middle of the Angkor complex, which contains dozens of other remarkable temples and dwellings from the period surrounding Angkor Wat's construction, and a visit to the site can yield literally weeks of interesting discoveries.

In the natural world, there are a few sites that people tend to find inspiring. The Grand Canyon in Arizona is one of the most iconic of these sites. Carved by the Colorado River over millions of years, it is an enormous gorge running through the earth. It spans more than 277 miles (446 km), and at times is more than a mile (1.83km) deep. Trails run through the Grand Canyon which can be traversed by foot or on a burro, and there are weeks worth of hiking that can be had. The surrounding countryside is also stunningly beautiful, and there are many other canyons throughout.

Between Zambia and Zimbabwe lies another site that many people think of when they ask themselves, “which places should I visit in my life?” Victoria Falls is, by many accounts, the largest waterfall in the world, with an average flow rate of more than 38,400 cubic feet per second (1088 cubic m/s). As well as the falls themselves, the surrounding area is also home to an incredibly diverse amount of wildlife, both flora and fauna, which can keep visitors occupied for weeks.


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Post 7

Cool article. I once heard the world's largest waterfall was located somewhere in Venezuela, though.

Post 6

SurfNturf-I love Paris. I think that Eiffel Tower in Paris along with the church of Norte Dame is a must for anyone seeking the best tourist place to visit.

Paris is not only incredible beautiful and clean, but it is a city rich in history with great food.

Post 5

Mutsy- You can also tour the various islands such as Murano where they make their famous blown glass sculptures.

You can actually do a tour of a studio, but do not buy any sculptures there because they are more expensive there than in St. Mark’s Square.

So avoid the temptation to buy anything during that tour. You can also visit Buramo, which is a little island that has bright colored houses. This island specializes in table linens and is where Princess Diana bought her table cloths.

Post 4

Sneakers41-Oh, I love Rome. I think that the Vatican is a must too. Just make sure that if you are wearing a dress that it is passed your knees because their dress code for entry is very conservative and they will not allow you in.

I also loved Venice and taking a gondola ride is so romantic. St. Mark’s Square in Venice is where all of the restaurants and shops are which is where your hotel should be located.

Post 3

Crispety-I just want to say that a historical place like Rome is among one of my top tourist places that I would visit and visit again.

The Coliseum is so incredible in person that you will never forget it. However, the steps are very steep, so you have to be careful.

They have guided tours with a live tour guide as well as the recorded tour information that you can listen to with a headset as you walk around.

Rome is just amazing and has so many historical sites that I would definitely rate it at the top of my list of places to visit.

You can also see the Ancient Ruins across the street. What is incredible is how you see apartment buildings across the street from something so historic.

Post 2

Anon13786- I understand that that can be very frustrating when traveling. There are many places that let you rent a wheelchair so do not able to walk long distances, this can help.

Some of these wheelchairs or easy to fold, so you might even look at getting one.

Post 1

Most useful article, but can anybody tell me how people like me, who are not able to walk much, could enjoy the beauty of these oldest monuments? I mean after going to those sites. I would be most grateful. Pakirareddy

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