What Percent of Young People Live with Their Parents?

Around 32% of young people live with their parents, according to 2014 Census findings of the living arrangements of US adults aged 18 to 34. In 2012, 37% of adults aged 18 to 31 were unemployed, according to research published by Pew Research Social and Demographic Trends. This was a 7% rise from 2007, before the US experienced an economic recession. The increase in young adults living with their parents may also be attributed to a decline in marriage: 56% of 18 to 34 year olds were married and had their own household in 1968, versus 23% in 2012.

More about living arrangements of young people:

  • Young males are more likely to live with their parents than females: 40% of males aged 18 to 34, compared to 32% of females.
  • 45% of unemployed young people in the US live with their parents.
  • Adults aged 18 to 34 who started college but did not finish have a higher rate of living with their parents (43%), than those with a high school education or less (40%). This is thought to be due to student loan debt affecting the ability to secure their own housing.

Discussion Comments


Though its all right for young people to live with their parents for a period of time, sooner or later, they're going to have to leave the nest and move on. After all, your parents won't always be around, and independence is all part of growing up.


Though this isn't mentioned in the article, I think one reason why so many young people live with their parents is because they don't have a car, and because of this, they can't get around anywhere. In fact, let's look at it this way. A lot of college students don't have a strong income, and solely rely on their parents for all the payments. When they graduate from college, not only do they have to pay back student loans, but even more so, they might not have a job, and a way to get around. Taking all these factors into consideration, it's not hard to see why so many young people live with their parents.


The first bullet point caught my attention, and bring up a very interesting point, as more males do live at home with their mom. Overall, you don't hear this much when it comes to girls. One reason for this may be because they're a lot more outgoing than guys. In other words, they may just be ready to leave the nest sooner than most people. Though it's just my opinion, it's definitely something to take into consideration.

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