What Percent of US Seafood Is Imported?

About 91% of US seafood is imported, because the country's aquaculture output has not kept up with demand, ranking outside the top 10 worldwide. The majority of US seafood is farm-raised rather than wild-caught in order to keep up with growing demand. The most-imported types of seafood in the US are shrimp from Asia; Atlantic salmon from Chile, Norway and Canada; and tilapia from China and Honduras.

More about US seafood:

  • The US is the second-largest consumer of seafood after China, and Americans eat about 2 million tons of seafood each year.

  • As much as 32% of imported seafood in the US is estimated to have been caught illegally.

  • More than half of the seafood consumed in the US is either shrimp, canned tuna or salmon.

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Post 3

The last bullet point does bring up something very interesting. I've never thought about it much, but most people in the US who eat seafood *do* seem to associate themselves with tuna, salmon, and shrimp. However, I guess you could say I'm not particularly surprised. Most seafood is pretty expensive in general, and tuna, salmon and shrimp are rather easy to find, especially at a local grocery store.

Post 2

In relation to this article. I've been to Red Lobster before, and it's not hard to tell that most of the food (if not all of it) is farm-raised, and even processed in some cases. Based on my personal experience, a lot of the food is slathered in butter as a means to cover up the bland taste and rather small portions. I wonder if I can find some authentic seafood restaurants in my area.

Post 1

Wow, I'm surprised to hear that most of the U.S. seafood is farm-raised, which changes my opinion on the whole ordeal just a bit. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy seafood just as much as the next person. However, I feel that farm-raised foods tend to have much less of a flavor than the "wild" type. Does anyone else agree?

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