What Percent of US Personal Consumption Spending Goes to Products Made in China?

Only about 3 percent of personal consumer spending in the United States goes to products that were made in China. Out of that, less than half is for the actual import costs of the Chinese goods; the rest covers the costs of transporting and marketing the goods in the U.S. By contrast, more than 88 percent of consumer spending in the U.S. goes to goods and services from within the U.S.

More about U.S. imports and exports:

  • Imports in general represent a very small part of U.S. consumer spending. In 2010, imports accounted for only about 16 percent of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product, with Chinese goods accounting for about 2.5 percent of the GDP.

  • Cars and electronics account for most of the imported goods in the U.S. In terms of Chinese goods specifically, the items that are imported the most are furniture, household equipment, clothing and shoes.

  • China actually imported more and more U.S. goods during the early 21st century. From 2000-2008, U.S. exports to China grew by almost 350 percent.

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Post 3

Maybe the statistic is done using prices. In this case, I agree, considering that Chinese products are so cheap. But the number of products used, it's another story.

Look around in your house. Out of 100 things, how many are made in China and how many in the US?

Post 2

You can't be serious about the percentage of Chinese products consumed in the U.S. as being 3 percent!

I'd like to see your source. Virtually everything of substance is made in China and sold here, not including American engineered products made in China. You are far afield from reality.

Post 1

I don't believe your facts. Where did you get them? If you go shopping and pay attention to where all the stuff you buy comes from, you can tell it's more than you posted here.

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