What Percent of the US Population Is in School?

As of October 2010, 27% of people who were at least 3 years old and living in the United States were enrolled in school. The age group with the highest percentage of school enrollment was 10 to 13, and the lowest was individuals 55 and older. The percentage of males in school was 27.1%, slightly higher than the 26.7% for females.

More about education in the US:

  • Educational achievement in the US has increased over the years. In 1947, only 5% of adults over the age of 25 held a bachelor's degree. In 2011, census figures showed that the number of people holding a four-year degree had increased to 30%.

  • Despite the United States' increase in the percentage of college degree holders, Canada, Japan and South Korea beat the US in the percentages of their people who hold college degrees.

  • Adults in the US who complete General Educational Development (GED) tests earn significantly less than those who hold a high school diploma.

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I don't have my high school diploma and I make more than my co-workers.

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