What Location in the United States Is Closest to Africa?

As surprising as it may sound, the point in the United States closest to Africa is not somewhere on the sunny Florida coast. Instead, Quoddy Head State Park in Maine is the closest place in the US to Africa. Quoddy Head State Park is about 3,100 miles (5,074 kilometers) from the western coast of Africa. The closest point in Africa to the United States is Safi Province, Morocco, with Cape Bojador, Western Sahara, as a close second.

More about Quoddy Head State Park:

  • Quoddy Head State Park, located in Lubec, Maine, sits on 541 acres at the tip of the easternmost peninsula in the United States.

  • The park features a working lighthouse that is open for tours from visitors. Quoddy Head is also noted for its hiking trails, beaches and wildlife viewing opportunities.

  • The name "Quoddy Head" means "fertile and beautiful place," and comes from the Native American Passamaquoddy tribe. The park is open from 9 a.m. to sunset, every day from 15 May to 15 October.

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