What Kinds of Workouts are Best for Muscle Growth?

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Trying to determine which workouts are best for muscle growth can often be a difficult process. With so much information available to the public, choosing a particular workout can, at times, seem impossible. Those who are looking for a workout that is best for muscle growth should consider those which focus on increasing blood flow to working muscles. Additionally, participating in workouts that ensure complete range of motion has also been found to be effective. In some cases, those who are interested in finding a workout that is best for muscle growth may want to consider those that focus on the performance of one-repetition maximal lifts.

A workout that focuses on increasing blood flow to working muscles is one of the best for muscle growth. Increased blood flow has been found to be beneficial in both the muscle production and regeneration process. Aerobic warm-ups, such as marching in place, performing light jumping jacks, or engaging in other forms of cardiovascular activity, have been found to be a great way to increase blood flow to the working muscles. In addition, participating in weight lifting routines that focus on lifting light weights in sets that contain a high number of repetitions has also been found to be effective for those looking for substantial muscle growth. For example, routines that encourage three to four sets of 15 to 20 repetitions of a particular exercise often give exercisers the best results.


Focusing on increasing range of motion is another of the methods which are typically considered to be best for muscle growth. Moving the muscle through its entire range of motion during each repetition of a particular exercise not only targets more of the individual muscle fibers, thereby increasing muscle size, but may actually also target additional muscle groups which might not otherwise be worked through exercises that limit range of motion. In order to completely move the muscle through its entire range of motion, exercisers are typically encouraged to perform the exercise at a slow rate. Racing through each repetition can not only limit range of motion, but may actually be dangerous for those who are lifting weights.

In some cases, workouts that focus on performing a one-repetition maximal lift may be effective for those who are interested in muscle growth. Typically, these types of workouts are best for those who are experienced lifters or bodybuilders. They entail an individual lifting the maximum weight that he or she can possibly lift, without any repetitions. The use of a spotter or personal trainer is often recommended for those who are interested in performing a one-repetition maximal lift.


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