What is Zincum Metallicum?

Zincum metallicum is a homeopathic remedy used to treat a wide variety of ailments related to a zinc deficiency in the body. These can include a lack of concentration, problems sleeping through the night, anxiety and related panic attacks, and chronic fatigue. Headaches and back pain, as well as breathing problems and muscle cramping, are also said to be relieved by taking this remedy, which is derived directly from zinc.

Zinc is a bluish white mineral that occurs naturally and is found in the body as trace element, meaning that the body needs only small amounts of it. Usually, it's found in enzymes within the human body. A deficiency of zinc in the body, however, can lead to many different types of health issues.

The nervous system needs zinc most, although it can also help to regulate cell metabolism. Taking zinc can not only alleviate conditions caused by a lack of it in the body, but also boost immunity by fighting exhaustion and weakness, which can make people more susceptible to disease and infection. Zincum metallicum also helps the body absorb other substances essential for health and vitality, including vitamins E and A.


Taking zinc directly can lead to poisoning, because the body can only tolerate the small amount that it needs. That is why zinc is sold as zincum metallicum, a diluted form of the mineral. This homeopathic remedy is most commonly sold in pills or tablets and can be purchased at a health food stores, through alternative medicine Web sites, and even at some gyms that sell other natural supplements.

Since zinc is a heavy metal, consumers should make sure that only the recommended amount is being consumed. Taking too much risks zinc poisoning, which, if not swiftly treated, can lead to death. Zinc poisoning more often occurs through direct and continuous exposure to high levels of zinc, such as at factories that use this material, however. It is uncommon for people to get zinc poisoning by taking zincum metallicum.

It may be advisable, however, to lower consumption of the substance if someone who is taking it experiences intestinal irritation. Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea are all possible signs of zinc over-consumption.


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My son bought this for me at a German pharmacy. They take natural medicines much more seriously. I have had restless legs for 60 years. I take 5-6 of the tiny pills and it stops in 5-10 minutes. Rarely I have to take it three times if it is really bad. It is a god-send. My son is leaving germany after 9 years so now I'm looking around for a substitute here in the states.

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It has been claimed many times that zinc will help either ward off cold or make the symptoms of a cold shorter in duration. Is there any real truth to that or is it just the result of good marketing?

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