What Is Yohimbinum?

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Yohimbinum is a herb remedy that is used in homeopathic medicine. It is made from the alkaloid yohimbine; this alkaloid is extracted from the bark of an evergreen tree called Pausinystalia, which is found in West Africa, and from Rauwolfia serpentina, also known as Indian Snakeroot. The yohimbine plant extracts have been traditionally used to make herbal remedies in homeopathy, and these are prescribed for resolving various health issues, but particularly for matters related to sexual health.

Generally, yohimbinum is available as a dietary supplement, as an essential oil and as a prescription medicine. In the United States, the standardized form of this home herbal remedy is yohimbine hydrochloride. Research on the medical effects of these herbal remedies suggests that they may not actually live up to their reputation of being a cure-all for male impotence and erectile dysfunction.

Other studies have shown yohimbinum to be effective for treating diabetes and blood pressure problems. It can also be used to counter the physical side effects caused by antidepressants. Also, adding yohimbinum to the chemical composition of some antidepressants can actually make them more effective.


People suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder have been found to obtain mental relief from undergoing a therapeutic course of yohimbinum homeopathic medicine. Taking this herb remedy is said to make it easier for them to open up and deal with the event or events that brought on the post-traumatic stress disorder. In such cases, the medicine should not be taken as a home herbal remedy, but only under the guidance of a qualified medical practitioner.

Some athletes and body builders take yohimbine supplements to get rid of excess fat. Again, such intake needs to be monitored by a trainer or a medical practitioner. Taking yohimbinum unnecessarily or in larger doses than prescribed can bring about some severe health problems.

Taking yohimbine extract supplements can increase the heart rate and can cause high blood pressure. It can also bring about anxiety and panic attacks. Some people can suffer from insomnia after taking yohimbinum, while others may experience hallucinations, headaches, dizziness, and skin flushing. There is also a risk of seizures and renal failure. Yohimbine plant extracts can be dangerous if used in excessive amounts, and they are not recommended for people with liver, kidney or heart problems.

Aside from human use, yohimbinum is also used in veterinary medicine. Its main use is to revive animals that have undergone anesthesia. As with humans, the doctor must monitor the amount of drug used.


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Post 2

@babylove - Snakeroot is really only safe when taken under the supervision of a trained healthcare professional. It contains various chemicals in set amounts including reserpine.

These chemicals can be toxic meaning the dosage must be accurate and the patient should be monitored regularly for possible side effects.

Stomach cramps and diarrhea are only two of the known side-effects but there are several others to watch out for like drowsiness, loss of appetite, convulsions and even coma.

Under no circumstance should yohimbine be taken without the supervision of a trained homoeopathy professional. My advise would be to convince him to seek medical attention at once. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Post 1

I found out recently that my boyfriend has been taking Indian Snakeroot for the past three weeks to cure erectile dysfunction that I didn't even know he had.

For about six days he's had severe stomach cramps and diarrhea. When I confronted him that it might be from the medicine he denied it and claims that he just has a slight case of food poisoning.

He told me he's under a doctor's care and is able to buy the yohimbine cheaper through an online pharmacy. I checked the package and realized it wasn't even addressed to him.

I'm really scared now and I don't know what I should do. Do you think these might be signs of a bad reaction to the drug?

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