What Is Writing Material?

Dee Jones

Writing material is any instrument or tool that can be used to write. Many people who write believe the ideal writing instruments not only increase creativity, but can have a positive effect on productivity. Choose a pen with a wide barrel because a pen with a narrow barrel can cause a writer to grip the pen more tightly than advised, which can cause a strain on the writing hand. Notebooks can be used as writer’s notebooks, daily journals, or personal organizers. While sketchpads aren’t typically found on a list of writing material, many find them to be good brainstorming tools.

A notepad and pen are two writing tools.
A notepad and pen are two writing tools.

The items that could be included on a list of writing material can seem endless. For many people who write, whether it’s a journal or the first draft of a short story, the pen is the most important writing instrument. The right pen can prevent hand fatigue during a long writing session and make writing more enjoyable in general.

Notebooks are a popular choice as writing material.
Notebooks are a popular choice as writing material.

Choose a pen that has a wide barrel. Many people tend to grip a narrow-barreled pen more tightly than a wide-barreled one, which can lead to hand cramps. Also, select a pen that writes smoothly instead of dragging across the paper, which can also put stress on the writing hand. A pen shouldn't have to be pressed down hard in order to appear dark enough on a writing surface.

Notebooks also are considered among important on any list of writing material. A notebook can be used as a writer’s notebook, a journal, or a place to keep shopping lists, phone numbers, or birthday reminders. Many people find the type of notebook they choose can have an effect on how often they write, and how much they enjoy it. For some, choosing a fancy and expensive journal is counterproductive because a writer worried about “messing up” a costly notebook may not write in it at all. For this reason, many suggest that those who are new to writing in a notebook choose one that is sturdy but inexpensive.

While not often considered a writing material, a sketchpad can be invaluable to anyone who writes, or needs a place to explore ideas and brainstorm solutions to problems. Sometimes a writer use a sketchpad to create representational drawings, drawings of things the way he sees them. Sketchpads can also be an ideal place for creating mind maps and bubble diagrams.

A person can use a simple notebook as their journal.
A person can use a simple notebook as their journal.

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When I think of writing material, I think of subjects that writers use to write about. For example, a writer may have material for a book she is writing, just like a comic would have material for his jokes. I guess this is another possible definition of writing material, which is also referred to as subjects.


I think that the best writing material is type that suits each writer. Everyone has his or her own preference, and should go with that. For example, some people like to stick to traditional writing materials like pens, papers, tablets, and notebooks while others prefer new technology to record their writings. For them, notebooks and tablets are computerized, not in the form of paper.

If you try to force yourself to use a different writing material than you want just to satisfy a teacher or to catch up with technology, your creative writing skills and motivation may suffer. On the other hand, if you use the writing materials you prefer, you will put your creativeness in full gear.

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