What is Workout 180?

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Workout 180 is a home training system that offers a complete body workout. Perfect for those people who do not want to go to a gym, this compact training unit is multi-functional and can be used as a step and push-up platform. It can also assist in isolating abdominal muscles when doing sit-ups. In addition, it has a seven level built-in resistance band system to provide a total body shaping routine. The whole unit weighs approximately 21 pounds, or approximately 9.5 kg, and can be easily stored by tucking in a corner when not in use. The idea behind the system is that users can get fit within the comfort of their home.

Florida-based television anchor and former Miss Georgia Jennifer Holloway developed Workout 180. She developed the portable Workout 180 as an alternative to high impact aerobics that can cause pain in the joints of the knees and ankles. It was a success and Workout 180 was one of the inventions chosen to premier in 2005 on a program that featured new inventions called Everyday Edisons.


A whole host of exercises can be completed on and with Workout 180. It can be used as an exercise step, push-up bar and balance board. As an all-inclusive personal gym, the Workout 180 has been designed to offer individual workouts which provide a systematic shaping and body sculpting routine for anyone. The extra padded step tread offers additional cushioning to prevent knee damage when it is used during cardiovascular step routines.

The permanently attached band system allows for a seven level resistance training regime for improving upper and lower body strength. Although there are three bands, yellow for light resistance, gray for medium and black for maximum, they can be used individually or doubled up to provide the maximum resistance possible. By varying the intensity, both novice and experienced users can be accommodated. When used in conjunction with the balance board, a full core workout is achieved.

Different than other commercial portable gym equipment, the Workout 180 can easily be stored under a chair or neatly tucked into a corner. It can also double as a step to reach those hard to get places. It is portable and can travel from room to room to fit in a work out wherever a user feels comfortable. The Workout 180 features workout DVDs that provide routines and directions on how to use the device. The official website also includes daily regimes and personal training tips.


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