What Is Wholesale Lumber?

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Wholesale lumber is lumber that is sold to customers in large quantities, typically to a reseller who has purchased the lumber products in bulk from a supplier. In exchange for the bulk buying, the reseller receives a price that is well below standard retail, making it much easier to then sell the lumber to customers at very competitive prices. While wholesale lumber is often graded as first quality, there are businesses that focus specifically on the sale of inferior grade lumber at wholesale prices.

The concept of wholesale lumber often focuses on the price that is paid for the lumber products. For example, a sawmill may produce a large quantity of planks that has led to a considerable backlog of product. A buyer may offer to purchase all or most of that inventory, if the mill owner will provide a wholesale price rather than charging the standard retail price. The owner and the buyer will work together to arrive at a wholesale price that allows the owner to cover his or her operational costs and still make a small amount of profit. The buyer is then able to acquire the lumber and resell it to his or her clients, making some sort of profit from the venture.


Many different types of wood may be sold as wholesale lumber. Treated lumber that has been milled into planking is often sold in this manner. Odd sections of wood that can be ran through a chipper and used in the production of plywood or pressboard is also often sold at wholesale prices. Everything from oak to pine to pecan wood can be sold under the banner of wholesale lumber, and acquired at prices that are more affordable than other options.

Wholesale lumber is often first-level quality, making it ideal for use in a number of applications. The wood can be used to create outdoor decks for private residences, construct wood fences around properties, and even in the use of constructing homes. Furniture makers can utilize wholesale lumber in the creation of all wood pieces or use the product to construct the frames for sofas and chairs that is then covered with padding and upholstery. Lumber of this type is graded, allowing potential customers to be aware of the quality of wood they are purchasing. This makes it easier to go with lumber that is the right quality and strength for the project on hand, while still saving a little money by purchasing the wood from wholesale providers.


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