What is Wholesale Gourmet Coffee?

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Wholesale gourmet coffee refers to coffee that is sold by a distributor to a retailer, merchandiser, or other professional business outfit. This type of coffee is sold only in large quantities, and it is often sold at a lower price. While the term "wholesale" has a universal meaning, the term "gourmet coffee" does not. The distinction between gourmet coffee and non-gourmet coffee must be understood before making any kind of purchase.

Essentially, there are two basic types of coffee. These two types are Arabica and Robusta. Robusta has a higher percentage of caffeine than Arabica does, but it also has a bitter, slightly burnt, taste. Robusta is also significantly cheaper than Arabica, which is why Arabica coffee is referred to as "gourmet" coffee. Arabica has half the amount of caffeine that Robusta does, and it also has a smoother, richer, taste.

Robusta is mostly grown in Africa and Brazil, while Arabica is native to Ethiopia and Yemen. Coffee connoisseurs around the globe tend to prefer Arabica to Robusta due to the intense taste and aroma of Arabica beans. When purchasing coffee wholesale, retailers may find that Robusta beans are cheaper.


Retailers who wish to purchase wholesale gourmet coffee will do best to contact a coffee supplier directly. While large food wholesalers sell different types of coffee, smaller producers tend to offer better wholesale deals. This is precisely why most retailers only offer one brand of coffee rather than three or four different brands. In addition to pricing, purchasing wholesale gourmet coffee directly from a coffee supplier allows retailers to provide customers with an array of specialty coffee flavors and blends.

Most coffee roasters produce various coffee flavors according to season. Flavors such as spice, pumpkin pie, and Christmas blends surface during the holiday season, while lighter blends may be available during the summer season. Frequently, buyers who purchase wholesale gourmet coffee offer exclusive blends that consumers cannot purchase in stores. This type of exclusivity allows for a stronger relationship between a retailer and wholesaler.

When searching for a wholesale gourmet coffee distributor, be sure to research a company before placing an order. Not only do you want to buy the best beans for the price, but you'll also want to be certain that any distributor you're dealing with is reputable. Ask about the quality of coffee that a distributor sells, gain business references, and always look for a distributor that sells quality Arabica beans -- your customers will thank you!


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