What is Whisper Mode?

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Whisper mode is a cellular phone setting available on many phones and headsets produced by Samsung Mobile. By amplifying the power of the phone’s microphone, it allows the speaker to talk more quietly, while still being heard and understood by the person on the receiving end of the call. Whisper mode can be useful in relaying private or confidential information, but can still cause a serious breech of etiquette when used in inappropriate ways.

Many people have had the unpleasant experience of having to listen to the shouted cell phone conversation of a person nearby. While it can be an interesting source of gossip, it can also be a serious imposition on anyone close enough to listen. The quieting ability of this mode is meant to reduce the volume at which you speak, allowing you to talk in a normal or quiet tone regardless of the nearby noise level.


If you are in a loud or crowded environment and on your cell phone, it can be useful for the other person to have whisper capabilities on their phone. By increasing the sensitivity of their microphone, they will be more audible to you despite whatever audio distractions are occurring. It can also eliminate the need for you to shout into the phone in order to be heard over the noise around you. Be sure to avoid raising your voice if you have whisper mode turned on, as you will be extremely loud to the person on the other end of the call.

Whisper mode can be useful if you are relaying confidential information by telephone. Many automated systems reached by phone now require you to give personal information to access accounts or services, such as your social security number, birth date, full name, or password. By using whisper mode, you may be able to protect your information from anyone near by. In an age of extreme vulnerability to identity theft, this can truly help save your information from getting out to thieves.

While whisper mode is meant to increase phone etiquette, it can actually have a reverse effect. Many atmospheric areas, such as movie theaters, restaurants or museums, have strict rules forbidding the use of cell phones. Some people may interpret whisper mode as a way to get around these rules, since you will be speaking quietly. This is a serious breech of politeness, and may not buy you the privacy you are seeking. In quiet locations, whispered conversation is still likely to be overheard, and in fact may make people unconsciously more inclined to try to hear what you are saying.

Whisper mode comes as a standard feature on many Samsung Mobile phones. It is usually reachable through the menu, and can often be activated from the tools section of your cell phone. Samsung brand phones are available through most major cell phone carriers, including T-Mobile, Verizon and Metro PCS. If you are interested in getting a phone with whisper technology, be sure to check with your carrier to see which models include the feature as a standard.


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Post 3

Does anybody know if you can set a phone to where it will automatically go into whisper mode when certain people call?

For instance, I always have to answer the phone, then turn on my whisper mode when talking to some of my clients who are hard of hearing.

Is there a way I could program the phone so that it would automatically go into whisper mode when one of those contacts calls?

Post 2

I'm so glad that you mentioned the etiquette associated with whisper mode. I volunteer as a docent in an art museum, and nothing drives me more crazy than when somebody walks through the museum muttering into their phone.

It would be almost less annoying if they would just talk out loud, because then they would realize they were being rude and someone would shush them.

As it is, some patrons get terribly offended if the docents or security team ask them to end their conversation -- as if the "No Cell Phone" sign doesn't apply to whisper mode.

Post 1

Thank you for this article! I had always seen the whisper mode on my Samsung, and could never figure out what it was for. Now I know -- thanks!

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