What is Wedding Liability Insurance?

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Wedding liability insurance protects the bride, groom, and their families from the consequences of being sued as the result of property damage, injury, or death that takes place at a wedding. While other types of wedding insurance are available, including that which covers losses due to the illness of a bridal party member or botched photography, only wedding liability insurance addresses the possible consequences of negligence, inebriation, or misconduct. In some cases, popular wedding venues require couples to provide proof of wedding liability insurance before agreeing to allow a couple to use the space for their wedding or reception.

A wedding mishap cannot only put a damper on the festivities, but may result in severe financial consequences for newly married couples and their families who helped to pay for their wedding. If an accident occurs during the wedding, even something that is purely accidental, such as a guest falling down some stairs, the couple or their families may be named in a lawsuit. Similarly, the owners of a wedding venue may attempt to sue the couple if their wedding guests or even wedding vendors such as caterers or musicians damage the property or cause an injury to one of their employees. Another significant concern is the matter of alcohol consumption at a wedding. If a guest becomes drunk and gets into a car accident, his victims may be able to sue the wedding hosts.

Couples and families should ask wedding vendors to supply proof that they have their own liability insurance and should ask venue managers about their wedding liability insurance requirements so that the cost of a policy can be included in the wedding budget. Some insurance companies specialize in wedding liability insurance policies and may be able to provide a couple with a comprehensive package that covers both liability for injuries as well as financial losses due to problems with scheduling, illness, or travel.

For couples who plan to celebrate their wedding in a private home, wedding liability insurance may not be a necessity. In some cases, homeowner's or renter's insurance may not protect the couple from liability in case of an accident. Insurance agents should be able to inform a couple, renter, or homeowner if their policy covers problems that occur during celebrations and events. If it doesn't, the insurance agent can advise as to whether a simple rider can be added to the current policy or whether a separate wedding insurance policy should be purchased.

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