What Is Website Benchmarking?

Sheri Cyprus

Website benchmarking is basically the testing of an Internet site to help determine its effectiveness and performance. Poorly performing websites may affect how many visitors are able or willing to visit a website, and this fact can easily have negative consequences for a business. As benchmarking data can pinpoint a website's strengths and weaknesses, businesses are then able to develop a plan for improving any issues.

Website benchmarking software tracks how long users stay on the site.
Website benchmarking software tracks how long users stay on the site.

Business benchmarking results may be presented in a bar graph format or viewed online. How well and how fast the website's server is working is a crucial aspect of benchmarking. It tests whether or not a server can handle a high workload. Different types of web analytical testing tools and computer software programs are available for businesses to use in website benchmarking.

Website benchmarking software can typically measure how fast the pages load for users. Page load benchmarking is considered especially important when multiple users are on the site. A server that can handle a high volume of users on the website in comparison to the loading time is considered a goal. The performance of the entire website as well as each page can be evaluated. Web applications and database servers are measured in website benchmarking.

The overall performance of the website is compared with that of similar or competing websites of a similar size. This feature of website benchmarking can allow a business to have a report of how its site is doing in comparison to its competitors. The analytical data produced as a result of this benchmarking can serve as a guide when businesses are planning search engine optimization techniques. Content and navigation specifics of a business website can also be at least partly determined by benchmarking results.

Strategic benchmarking techniques make sure to measure how long the average visitors stay on the site. They also must compare the same data on competitors' or similar websites to get a clear idea of the site's performance. The data is measured over a certain period of time for website benchmarking. It can serve as a point of reference for a business when new strategic plans are being made to bring in more web traffic, but also to be sure the site will perform efficiently. Benchmark testing of a business website is often done during off-peak hours so as to not interfere with customer navigation and requests on the server.

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