what is Web Interface Design?

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Machines operate in manners that are largely unnatural to the way humans operate, and user interfacing is the process of translating a machine’s processes into a format intelligible to humans and vice versa. A web interface design is nothing more than a user interface that has been implemented on the Internet. Usability, the ease at which a human can use the website, is a key consideration when developing a web interface design. The website also must be functional since its design must serve some sort of purpose. It is also essential that the interface be accessible to everyone, including those who have disabilities.

A web interface design must, above all else, be usable by the average human user. Even a visually appealing website can fail to meet the required standards of good web design if it is overly complicated or needlessly difficult to use for the general public. Talented web designers plan the presentation of the website meticulously, conceptualizing the visual aspects of the design from a user interface point of view. Important user interface functions like navigating from one page to another need to be featured prominently in the design. Modern browsers differ greatly from one another, so it is imperative that the web interface design is tested on as many browsers as possible to ensure cross-platform usability.


The key advantage to publishing over the Internet versus traditional methods of publishing is the fact that a web interface design has the capacity to be interactive and functional. This allows the designer to include elements that engage visitors in the site in meaningful ways. A mistake that many web designers make, however, is overloading their sites with too many user options. Adding multimedia and complex graphics adds similar issues; while it may look outstanding, the primary focus should be on the website's functionality. Keeping the design as simple as possible helps users view and navigate the website with ease.

Finally, web design interface has to be inclusive of the needs of users from many different backgrounds and age groups. There are also many Internet users who are specially challenged, and websites generally make the mistake of ignoring the needs of this segment of the population. Webmasters should make sure that the web design interface can be resized, have the fonts adjusted, or even conform to high visibility colors when the need is required. Also, some parts of the web design interface could include audio functionality to aid those that are visually-impaired.


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