What is Weatherstripping?

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Weatherstripping can refer to either the process or the agent that is used to seal small openings around windows, doors, trunk lids and other areas where a tight seal is desired. Essentially weatherstripping is designed to eliminate a flow or draft from an interior space to an exterior space. Because of this property, weatherstripping is often added to window sashes and doors in order to allow for more efficient heating and cooling of the interior space.

Weatherstripping can take on several different forms. When it comes to dealing with drafts originating from a small open space between the bottom of a door and the floor, the addition of a small rubber strip along the threshold will often be sufficient to seal the area. The weather stripping will effectively block the airflow between inside and outside, while still allowing the door to be opened and closed with ease. Weatherstripping doors may be accomplished when the door is hung, or added at a later time as the house settles.


Windows may be equipped with the same type of rubber strip. Often, this is the type of weatherstripping that is used when new homes are built. For older homes, it is possible to purchase rolls of foam weatherstripping with an adhesive back. Homeowners can install this type of sealing agent with ease, while still allowing the windows to be opened and closed at will. Weatherstripping windows in this manner is usually an inexpensive way to deal with drafts, and will save a great deal of money on heating and cooling costs.

Homes are not the only location where weatherstripping is used frequently. Automobiles utilize a great deal of weatherstripping around each door to the vehicle, as well as around the trunk area. Many public buildings employ weatherstripping around entrances and exits, helping to keep out the rain and inclement temperatures. Essentially, weatherstripping can be employed anywhere there is a desire to create a seal around an opening.


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