What is Waterproof Tape?

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Waterproof tape is a type of usually adhesive tape with a waterproof or water resistant design, which may be single or double sided. It can be very useful to keep a roll around, as this type of tape has a wide range of uses, both at home and on the road. Many hardware stores stock waterproof tape, usually in an array of widths and colors, and it can also be custom ordered, or purchased in establishments like building supply stores and nurseries.

One of the most obvious uses for waterproof tape is in plumbing, where waterproofing is very necessary, whether it's for a temporary fix or permanent construction. Construction workers also use waterproof tape for things like sealing door and window installations so that they will not leak once they are finished, and for temporary coverage of holes and gaps to prevent water from getting in while construction is in progress. Waterproof tape is also used in the sealing of ductwork and similar applications.


In the great outdoors, waterproof tape can be used as survey tape, to mark various objects, and to tag plants. Waterproof tape can be designed to be written on so that people can make notes about plants and attach the notes with tape, and it can also be used to attach plants to supportive stakes. Nonadhesive versions are more common in gardening so that the plant does not become trapped by the tape. This tape is also handy for repairing hoses, leaky outdoor faucets, and other issues outside.

Some first aid and medical tapes are also waterproof. The advantage of using waterproof products for bandaging is that water will not be able to penetrate the bandage and contribute to infection in the wound. The tape can also act as an insulator to prevent blood and bodily secretions from getting out of bandages and casts, keeping them more sanitary. Many first aid kits have a roll of waterproof tape, and it's also commonly found in doctors offices, clinics, and hospitals, in an array of sizes.

People can also come up with some creative uses for waterproof tape. For example, it can be used to fix a strapless bra or gown in place so that the garment will not slide down over the course of the evening, causing embarrassment to the wearer. This tape can also be useful for quick fixes of shoes, jackets, and other garments, and it can be utilized on boats, cars, and aircraft, where normal tapes are usually not capable of withstanding the conditions.


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