What is Waterproof Grease?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Waterproof grease is a thick lubricant designed to resist wear and washing away in a variety of settings. It is made by numerous companies, sometimes for very specific applications, and can include a variety of ingredients, such as silicone in its formulation. Like other greases, waterproof grease is semisolid at room temperature and is also highly viscous, not achieving a more fluid texture until very high temperatures are reached. This product can be purchased through numerous suppliers and is also usually available at hardware and automotive supply stores.

Waterproof grease may be used to reduce rust problems.
Waterproof grease may be used to reduce rust problems.

Waterproof grease is made from materials designed to resist dissolving in water. When something lubricated with this product is exposed to water, including more corrosive water like salt water or water mixed with chemicals, the grease will cling, rather than washing away. In addition to providing lubrication, waterproof grease also offers protection from corrosion. Water and other fluids cannot penetrate and issues like rust are greatly reduced or prevented.

Common applications for waterproof grease include vehicles like cars, boats, and motorcycles, where lubricant is needed to keep moving parts functional and exposure to water and corrosive materials could become a problem. Some companies make grease designed for specific kinds of vehicles or parts, such as grease for constant velocity joints in cars. Over time, the wear from the movement of the parts will cause the grease to wear away, but this happens very slowly, allowing people to wait a long time between applications of lubricant. In some cases, it is installed on closed parts designed for periodic replacement with no need for additional lubrication, as the parts wear out at the same rate that the grease breaks down.

People can also use waterproof grease as a sealer for plumbing. The grease will reduce the risks of leaks and provide a tight seal around O-rings and other plumbing fixtures. Even as the fixture expands, contracts, and wears, it will not leak, because the grease remains in place and prevents the release of water or other fluids being moved through a plumbing system. In addition, it prevents corrosion and buildup around joints.

When purchasing waterproof grease, people will generally find technical specifications on the packaging. These specifications detail the temperature range the grease is designed for and indicate whether it is known to stain, a concern in some applications. People can also note the solvents recommended for removing the product, and may find recommendations for particular applications the grease can be used in.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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