What is Waterproof Bedding?

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Waterproof bedding is a type of specially formulated bed linen that is designed to protect the mattress from stains caused by urine or other liquids. There are a number of waterproof bedding products available, such as waterproof sheets, mattress overlays, and waterproof pillow cases. Bedding of this type is helpful for people who are incontinent or young children who are going through a period of bedwetting.

Protective bedding has come a long way in recent decades. Where once bedding of this type was coarse and uncomfortable, modern methods have made it possible to create waterproof bedding that is soft and inviting to the touch. Along with a more desirable feel, waterproof covers and other bedding options today provide a better protection for both the mattress and for the individual sleeping in the bed.

One of the most effective examples of waterproof bedding is the mattress overlay, or pad. Waterproof mattress pads are placed between the mattress and the fitted sheet covering the mattress. The pads effectively create a barrier that prevents any urine or other liquids from seeping into the mattress by absorbing the liquid into the body of the pad. At the same time, the liquid is prevented from seeping out the top of the pad and irritating the skin. Waterproof pads come in both disposable versions as well as pads that may be laundered and reused.


Waterproof sheet sets provide protection by preventing the absorption of liquids altogether. While waterproof bedding of this type was once made exclusively of plastics similar to a shower curtain liner, many sheet sets today are formulated with waterproof fibers that are much softer to the touch. This creates a level of comfort that is similar to fabric sheets, and also makes it possible to manufacture waterproof bedding that with a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Buying waterproof bedding is much easier than in times past. Many medical supply shops carry waterproof bedding sets along with other equipment often required for a patient who is bedridden. Along with local sources, it is also possible to purchase waterproof bedding sets at a number of online retail outlets. While more expensive than standard bedding linens, the waterproof bedding can help to minimize the process of caring for someone with a bedwetting problem much easier.


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