What Is Washing Machine Insurance?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Washing machine insurance is an insurance product to cover repairs to a washing machine, including labor and parts for any needed servicing. It may be sold as part of a package with other appliance insurance. The insurance does not cover damage caused by the machine, such as flooding in a laundry room, on the grounds that homeowners' or rental insurance should cover this type of accident. If a washing machine is particularly expensive or complex, insurance can save the owners money.

A washing machine.
A washing machine.

Several appliance manufacturers offer appliance insurance, usually designed to kick in after the warranty on the appliance ends and the consumer would normally be responsible for any repairs. Some appliance stores have similar products, and it is also possible to purchase third-party washing machine insurance. One thing to be aware of when purchasing insurance is the type of coverage offered. The owner may have to go through a specific service company to receive coverage, and will need to pay out of pocket if a different company performs the repairs.

A washing machine.
A washing machine.

The washing machine insurance can cover issues like leaks, broken parts, damage to the electrical systems inside the machine, and so forth. A repair person will come out to check the washing machine, determine the nature of the problem, and order any parts for the repairs, if necessary. If the washing machine cannot be repaired, the insurance may cover replacement costs for a new machine, depending on the terms in the policy.

Before buying washing machine insurance, it is a good idea to receive quotes from several companies to make side-by-side comparisons. Some things to think about include the company providing service and parts in the event of a problem, the extent of the coverage, and whether replacement costs are included in the policy. Premiums can vary, and consumers need to decide what would be likely to bring them the most value so they can make the best choice for their needs.

Insurance can generate diminishing returns. With older machines, it may make more sense to set aside the money that would be used for a premium in a savings account to cover replacement or repairs directly. Spending more than the value of the washing machine over two to three years of the policy is generally not practical, as the owners could simply replace the machine with that money. Sometimes it is possible to negotiate a package deal covering multiple appliances, in which case the cost for washing machine insurance may be worth it.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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@Laotionne - I think insurance for appliances is for the most part overrated. Check out the washing machine reviews and buy a machine that has a good reputation for dependability, and I bet you'll be ready to buy a new one before you have any major problems with it.


@Laotionne - I agree that saving a little money each month to prepare for the cost of repairing a washing machine is a good idea, and this will save you money that you would have spent buying an insurance policy for the machine. However, I can see one potential problem with this approach.

If you are concerned about the cost of the insurance then I assume you are on a tight budget. So what happens when your car needs repairs and you don't have the money available. My guess is that you will borrow from the money you have saved for the washing machine repair.

So, basically what I am saying is that while your approach sounds like a good idea, there is a good chance that the money will have been spent on something else by the time your washing machine breaks down, and then you are stuck with no working washing machine, no money to repair it, and no washing machine insurance to cover the cost of repairs.


I think the last paragraph of this article answers my questions about buying washing machine insurance. I'm about to purchase a new washer and dryer and I was thinking insurance might be a good idea just to be on the safe side.

However, after reading this last paragraph, I'm pretty sure it would make more sense for me to set aside a bit of money each month that can go towards the repair of the washing machine or the dryer should I need to repair either machine at some point.

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