What is Warrant Officer Training?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Warrant officer training is education provided to members of the military so they can become warrant officers. These military officers occupy a position above the enlisted ranks but below commissioned officers, offering their expertise to the military rather than serving in a command function. Within the warrant officer ranks, there are several grades, providing advancement opportunities for people who have completed their training.

Woman posing
Woman posing

People can enter warrant officer careers from within the military or as civilians. In either case, they will need to meet some basic requirements, including passing a physical test, scoring well on an aptitude test, and receiving a security clearance. Prospective warrant officers will need to attend basic training if they are entering the military for the first time. The next step is warrant officer training school.

The length of time required for warrant officer training varies, depending on the branch. While in school, people learn about their responsibilities as warrant officers and will learn more about what they will do and how they fit into the military command structure. This work can include commanding groups of people, but the focus is on offering expert skills where they are necessary. Warrant officers can become pilots or serve in a number of other specialties, and part of their work includes training other people.

In warrant officer training, instructors will make sure their students are familiar with their jobs so they know what to expect and how to perform their duties. The work also includes discussions of military history and culture so trainees learn etiquette and start to develop skills they can put to use for career advancement. During training, instructors can decide to fail students if they appear to be unsuitable for the work. This may be the result of lack of aptitude or other issues, like failure to behave honorably. During warrant officer training, people need to maintain high standards of behavior at all times, including when they are not in class or actively performing military duties.

Members of the military who want to continue pursuing careers in their area of specialty can apply for warrant officer training. Advisers on base will assist with the process, and it can be helpful to ask superiors for advice and letters of support and recommendation. People may also find it beneficial to talk directly with warrant officers to learn more about their experiences. For civilians, it is necessary to contact a military recruiter to discuss an interest in becoming a warrant officer.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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