What is VLDL Cholesterol?

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Very low density lipoprotein, also known as VLDL cholesterol, is a form of cholesterol that helps to distribute trigylicerides through the bloodstream. A portion of this type of cholesterol also converts into LDL or low density protein cholesterol, which can eventually clog blood vessels and lead to a number of health issues. Because of this conversion, physicians tend to monitor VLDL cholesterol levels along with LDL and HDL levels.

Unlike the processes for measuring the levels of HDL and LDL cholesterol present in the system, it is necessary to prepare an estimate of VLDL levels in the body. This is accomplished by identifying a percentage of the trigylercide level present. For the most part, a reading of anywhere between five and forty milligrams per deciliter is considered within normal range, although physicians tend to encourage patients to make lifestyle changes when the reading is at the upper end of this range.

When it is necessary to lower VLDL cholesterol levels, this is best accomplished by consuming foods that do not promote the collection of high amounts of LDL and triglycerides in the system. This often means minimizing or eliminating fatty meats as well as cutting back of processed sugars. Limiting alcohol consumption is also often recommended.


In addition to limiting or eliminating certain foods from the diet, doctors often encourage patients with higher levels of this type of cholesterol to consume more green vegetables, fresh fruits and whole grains. This can help to increase the amount of fiber in the diet, which will also help to lower cholesterol levels in the bloodstream.

Along with dietary changes, physicians often recommend that patients make it a point to exercise on a regular basis. Physical activity sustained for at least a period of thirty minutes can help promote healthier levels of high density lipoproteins in the body while also lowering LDL and VLDL levels.

When high VLDL cholesterol levels are identified, doctors may also address the issue of the patient’s weight. If the patient is carrying around a few extra pounds, the physician will often encourage the patient to lose enough weight to get back into what is considered a healthy range. Exercise and diet will both help with this effort; in addition, losing the weight means less stored fat in the system and less bad cholesterol in the body overall.

Taking steps to keep VLDL cholesterol levels within an acceptable range is just as important as maintaining good or HDL levels and lowering LDL levels. Seeking to balance all these factors will help to minimize the chances for strokes, heart attacks, and other conditions involving the coronary system.


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Post 39

I have total serum cholesterol 200, HDL 29, LDL 122, VLDL 49, Triglycerides 250. Why is this? What is the remedy? Can anyone tell me?

Post 37

My age is 50 years. Until now I have had absolutely no health problems. Recently, I got my lipid profile checked and the readings are: Total Cholesterol 190 mgs/dl; HDL cholesterol 40 mgs/dl; VLDL cholesterol 46mgs/dl; Serum triglycerides 230mgs/dl. Please advise me.

Post 34

My age is 52 years. I got my lipid profile checked and the readings are: Total cholesterol 213 mgs/dl; HDL cholesterol 51 mgs/dl; LDL cholesterol 111.20mgs/LDL; VLDL cholesterol 50.8mgs/dl; triglycerides 254mgs/dl, Ratio 4.18 percent.

Please provide remedies if necessary.

Post 33

My vldl is 44.5. Is this normal? If not, what should I do?

Post 32

My age is 50 years. Until now I have had absolutely no health problems. Recently, I got my lipid profile checked and the readings are: Total Cholesterol 186 mgs/dl; HDL cholesterol 45 mgs/dl; LDL cholesterol 102mgs/LDL; VLDL cholesterol 39mgs/dl; Serum triglycerides 193mgs/dl, Ratio 4.1 percent.

Are the above findings normal?

Post 31

My triglycerides are 324.9mg/dl and VLDL is 64.9mg/dl percent. Can you elaborate the reasons for increasing both in my body and also elaborate on the precautions and medicine for controlling both.

Post 29

My triglycerides are 196mg/dl and VLDL is 100 percent. Can you elaborate the reasons for increasing both in my body and also elaborate on the precautions and medicine for controlling both.

Post 26

i would like to know the precautions to be taken as my Serum total cholesterol is 235 mg/dl and SLDL 36.4, SVLDL 30.6 and Serum triglycerides 153.

please could you give me the solution for the above problem?

Post 22

total cholesterol 120. is it normal.

Post 21

If you want to fix your high VLDL, High triglycerides, and raise your HDL, the solution is simple: a.) cut out sugar, and severely reduce starches, and b.) eat more saturated fat.

Your carbs should come from natural sources with lots of fiber like fresh veggies and raw fruit. Starches and sugar raise LDL, (so yes, even the whole grains will raise LDL.) Saturated fat raises HDL very quickly.

Try this for a month, and see if your cholesterol numbers don't show marked improvement.

Post 20

I am 22 and i have ischemia and high triglycerides (209) and vldl (40). I am not fat and do work out regularly and am in good shape. can you tell me about seriousness of the situation and why do i have these diseases?

Post 19

Ack! Total cholesterol 261!

HDL: 58; LDL 191 (VLDL 12); Triglycerides 59.

Should I consider medications or continue to try diet and exercise? Been trying for five years now since my Cholesterol went above 180.

Post 18

I would like to know what happens if the VLDL levels are high. I have a level of 161. what are the medicines to control this?

Post 17

my uncle had a cholesterol problem.

total choleaterol= 184mgs

hdl choleaterol= 48mgs

ldl choleaterol= 117mgs

vldl choleaterol= 19

triglycerides= 96mgs

Can anyone please tell me are these levels good or bad? If it is bad then advise me which level is to be reduced and how.

Post 16

I had always high triglycerides (over 200). I am taking 145mg Tricor for this.

In July of 2009 my blood analysis showed cholesterol 154, HDL 45, VLDL 43.6, LDL 65 and triglycerides 218. The June 2010 results were: cholesterol 132, HDL 52, VLDL 21.8, LDL 58 and triglycerides 132. I am taking crestor 10mg tablet for about three years. The only difference between 2009 and 2010 was that I am using a grilling machine and infrared NUWave oven for my beef steaks and pork steaks. In other cooking I only use olive oil.

Each time I bake my steak I can see how much less fat I eat.

Post 15

my name is arshad. my total cholesterol is 200 mg;

trg-627; hdl 37. in this moment what can i do? what can i eat?

Post 14

my name is bhaskaran. My total cholesterol is 164mg

triglycerides - 176 mg, HDL - 32.80MGS, LDL - 96 MGS,VLDL - 35.20 MG. I use atocor 20 mg tablet once in a night. is it correct? please reply to me.


Post 13

M y serum uric acid is 6.2mg/100ml, serum cholesterol is 155mg/100ml, HDL cholesterol is 37mg/100ml,LDL cholesterol is 92mg/100ml, VLDL cholesterol is 26mg/100ml, serum triglycerides are 274mg/100ml.

Please suggest the precautions I should take and what foods should be taken. what exercise should I do? Please suggest. PROSENJIT

Post 12

my total cholestrol-182

cholestrol hdl-direct-27


ldl cholesterol-45.52

vldl cholesterol-109.68

tc/hdlcholesterol ratio-6.83

ldl/hdl ratio-1.71

Post 11

When you go to the doctor for a check you get readings back in a week or so. Was able to look up normal range on everything else and vldl was a new on for me and i Just wanted to know the average or good range to be in, which is the question I asked and I get a whole page of tiny printing and it does not even contain the answer I asked!

Moderator's reply: Thank you for visiting wiseGEEK and participating in our discussions! Unfortunately, we are not equipped to respond to specific questions, which is why we created this discussion section on each article page. In this section, a reader may discuss article topics with other readers. Whether and when your questions will be answered, however, depends on fellow readers and posters.

Post 10

My total Cholesterol is 209.5, Triglycerides 343.5, HDL 51.9, LDL 88.9, VLDL 68.7. what shall I do?

Post 9

My Cholesterol total is 221.00, HDL-50.20, Triglycerides 280, LDL 114.80, VLDL 56, TC/HDL RATIO 4.40, LDDL/HDL RATIO-2.29. It is requested to kindly advise me.

Post 8

I am hypertension patient.

My total cholesterol 148.0 mg/dL, triglycerides 137.6 mg/dL, HDL Cholesterol Direct 43.5 mg/dL, VLDL 27.4 mg/dL,LDL Cholesterol direct 77.1 mg/dL, Total Cholesterol/HDL Ratio 3.4, LDL/HDL Cholesterol Ratio 1.8.

I am taking Amdepin 5 once daily, ecosprin 75 once daily, Attor 10 once at night. But my VLDL is coming down. Is it bad? Should I change medicine? Has it got to do with diet?

Moderator's reply: You need to consult with your physician regarding any changes in medication, and for the meaning of your bloodwork results. We are not able to give medical advice here. Thank you for visiting the site and for participating in the discussions.

Post 7

I am a heart patient and one year ago operated by open heart surgery. My result is as below. what should i do?

Cholesterol 100 mg/dL

HDL 30 mg/dL

LDL 51 mg/dL

VLDL 19 mg/dL

Triglycerides 95 mg/dL

TSH 2.02 mIU/m

Post 5

My total cholesterol is 168 but my triglycerides are 222. i know i need to exercise. i am 5'6 and weigh 169. I do not eat a lot of junk food. I take crestor 10. What can i do? Thanks man

Post 4

i have triglycerides of 851; hdl-40; ldl-51;

vldl-170. will you please guide me on what to do next? prem

Post 3

mohrohson, you do not need to fix your VLDL. You want a low VLDL, and you've got it! Be glad. The range for VLDL is 5-40, with lower numbers being better.

Post 2

I have Total Serum Cholestrol of 184 HDL of 50 and LDL of 91. However Triglyceride of 215. There seems to be a contradiction as all other levels are well within limits other than Triglyceride. (The VLDL is 43). What could be the reason.

Post 1

I would like to know what happens if the VLDL levles are low. I have a level of 8.2 and what are the remedies to fix this?

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