What is Vitrified Tile?

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Vitrified tile is a tile that has undergone a certain process that gives it extremely low porosity, and thus, very low water absorption. This makes the tile hard and strong, as well as stain resistant. There are various benefits to using a high quality vitrified tile over natural marble or granite tiles. Most of them involve the overall durability and strength of the tiles, although they are often more attractive in the long run as well.

Vitrified tiles are man-made, so their quality can be guaranteed. Tiles that do not meet quality standards are simply not packaged and sold. Marble and granite, on the other hand, are natural. This means that some tiles may be better quality than others, depending on the quality of the materials found.

Many builders choose to use vitrified tile because it is strong, water resistant, and stain resistant. The treatment the tiles undergo gives them the ability to withstand more use than marble or granite without losing functionality or appearance. Vitrified tile also resists scratches and discoloration, while granite tile often becomes yellowish after several years of use.

Consumers can purchase vitrified tiles for a variety of uses. Flooring, wall coverings and décor, back-splashes, and showers are all areas where one may use vitrified tiles. They are resistant to water absorption, so they generally hold up better in wet environments like bathrooms and kitchens than comparable granite or marble tile.


Vitrified tile is also usually easier to install than both marble and granite tile. While laying marble tiles can be quite time consuming and tedious, vitrified tiles can be laid within a few hours and used within 48 hours, depending on the size of the tile area and the grout being used. This makes installation much more convenient for both tile layers and homeowners who want to have full use of their homes as soon as possible.

Much like marble and granite, vitrified tile is generally very attractive. It can be coated with a high gloss finish, making it great for use as décor and the overall strength of the tile makes it functional. Various types of tile can be treated to become vitrified, so colors and textures are not overly limited. In most areas, it can be found in home improvement stores and flooring retailers.

When choosing a tile that will used for flooring or in any wet environment, it is important to make sure the tile listed for those purposes. Floor tiles are generally made thicker and more able to withstand higher levels of pressure and weight. Tiles used for showers and sinks may be given additional treatments to make them better able to handle moisture.


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