What Is Vitamin K Serum?

Marjorie McAtee

Vitamin K serum may be useful for healing spider veins, rosacea, and dark circles under the eyes. The vitamin is believed to be crucial for helping blood to clot properly, and it's often used medically to prevent hemorrhaging. When applied to the skin as a vitamin K serum or cream, the nutrient may help speed healing and ease the severity of bruising. It may help to improve the appearance of rosacea, spider veins, and dark under-eye circles by improving the health of skin and capillaries in those areas. Some researchers believe that vitamin K serum can even reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin K serum may be used to treat bruises.
Vitamin K serum may be used to treat bruises.

Creams and serums that contain vitamin K are often used as a treatment for dark circles under the eyes. Under-eye shadows are sometimes inherited, and if so, topically applied vitamin K cannot usually treat them. Shadows under the eyes can also occur, however, when the skin of the under-eye area becomes thin enough to allow the color of the capillaries to show through, or when capillaries break in this area, leading to mild bruising under the eyes. Vitamin K serum can help strengthen and thicken the skin while treating any bruising that may have occurred. The serum can also be useful for spider veins and rosacea, since it can support skin and capillary health to enhance the appearance of skin afflicted by these disorders.

Vitamin K can be used to heal rosacea.
Vitamin K can be used to heal rosacea.

Studies appear to show that vitamin K serums and creams work to reduce dark under-eye circles in about half of the people who use them. Vitamin K may also help to enhance and preserve skin's youthful firmness and elasticity, so it may offer some amount of improvement for wrinkles and fine lines. An effective vitamin K serum usually contains about two percent vitamin K. Other nutrients considered good for skin health, such as vitamins A and C, may also be added to a vitamin K serum. Retinol, which is vital for the proper functioning of skin cells, is often an additive for these creams and serums.

There are two types of vitamin K deemed necessary for good health. These are vitamins K1 and K2. Vitamin K1 must be acquired from dietary sources, such as leafy greens, grains, and soy. The body itself usually manufactures K2. Both types of K vitamins are essential for healthy blood clotting and possibly also for bone strength.

Creams and serums that contain vitamin K are often used as a treatment for dark circles under the eyes.
Creams and serums that contain vitamin K are often used as a treatment for dark circles under the eyes.

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I just started using a vitamin K serum for dark circles. I don't think my dark circles are hereditary. They show up or worsen when I'm tired or ill so I'm hoping that this serum will make a difference.

Frankly, I've heard mixed things about vitamin K products. Some say they work very well. Others say that they do not work. I think there are also people who experienced side effects. Side effects are probably more likely with oral vitamin K supplements, but it's not impossible to experience side effects from serums and creams as well.

What I'm worried about is the vitamin K increasing the risk of blood clots. I don't think that the small amount of the serum that I use under my eyes will increase this risk. But larger amounts might because vitamin K helps blood clot.


@SarahGen-- Based on my experience, yes it does.

I also have the same issue, thin skin and many visible capillaries. Vitamin K does reduce their appearance. It also reduces redness overall.

But before deciding on a serum, make sure to read reviews of the product. Some vitamin K products work better than others. The other ingredients in the serum are important too. For example, my vitamin K serum has natural oils like evening primrose and jojoba, in addition to the vitamin K. These are very beneficial for skin as well and I think that these ingredients improve the effectiveness of vitamin K. If you purchase a serum without reading reviews or paying attention to the ingredients, you might be disappointed.


Does vitamin K topical serum reduce the appearance of capillaries on the cheeks and the nose?

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