What Is Vitamin E Gel?

Angela Colley

Vitamin E gel comes in capsules and as a topical gel. Capsules are a thin coating filled with Vitamin E and can be ingested or broken open and applied topically. When ingested, the coating dissolves and releases the Vitamin E gel. Consumers can also prick the capsule to create a small hole. Once removed, the gel can be applied to the skin, nails, or hair.

Vitamin E gel.
Vitamin E gel.

Some manufactures sell vitamin E gel or mix the gel with other ingredients to create a beauty product. Consumers can apply the bottled gel directly to the hair, skin, and nails or mix the gel with other beauty products, such as shampoos, hair conditioners, and lotions. The topical form of vitamin E gel should not be ingested.

Many beauty products contain vitamin E.
Many beauty products contain vitamin E.

When taken orally, vitamin E has several benefits for the body, including improving the condition and appearance of the skin. In addition, it helps internal systems function normally and aids the reproductive system, liver, and circulatory system. Vitamin E helps reduce and fight internal free radicals and can help maintain normal cholesterol levels within the body.

Applied topically, vitamin E gel benefits the nails, skin, and hair. Several manufacturers market nail products containing vitamin E. These products help increase the strength of the nails and add a shine to the nail’s surface. When applied to the hair, the gel causes the strands to appear shinier and can also help to keep the hair strand from breaking.

Topical vitamin E products are used to treat scars. By applying the gel directly to the scar and massaging the skin, the gel is worked into the pores. Over time, the vitamin E can cause the indented skin to plump, reducing the appearance of the scar. Applying the gel topically may have the same effect on wrinkles. Vitamin E gel can plump the wrinkled skin and increase elasticity, causing wrinkles to become less noticeable.

Many acne sufferers use vitamin E gel to clear up pimples, and the high concentration of vitamin E may also reduce acne breakouts. Vitamin E gel can also reduce the visible redness caused by hyperpigmentation problems.

Vitamin E gel may help reduce the appearance of scars.
Vitamin E gel may help reduce the appearance of scars.

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