What is Vitamin D Ointment?

Misty Amber Brighton

Vitamin D ointment is a type of cream used to treat skin rashes, cuts, and burns. It can also be applied to a baby's bottom to prevent diaper rash. This medicine is sometimes helpful in relieving dry skin conditions associated with psoriasis. It often contains additional ingredients, such as lanolin, beeswax, petrolatum, and vitamin A. This treatment can usually be purchased over-the-counter at most pharmacies, which means a prescription is not necessary.

Vitamin D ointment can help with a windburn.
Vitamin D ointment can help with a windburn.

This product can often be used on small scrapes, cuts, and abrasions to promote healing. Normally, a small amount of this cream can be rubbed on the affected area before being covered with a bandage. Even so, it is not recommended for use on deep cuts or severe wounds, as it could irritate tender tissues and lead to infection.

Vitamin D ointment promotes skin healing.
Vitamin D ointment promotes skin healing.

Vitamin D ointment generally promotes healing of minor burns. This can also include sunburn and windburn. It can also be helpful in healing chapped lips. Many people put this cream on their lips in order to prevent them from becoming chapped, in the first place, as well.

Petroleum jelly is a type of softening agent.
Petroleum jelly is a type of softening agent.

This type of medicine is commonly used to treat and prevent diaper rash. Many people find that applying it to a child's buttocks every time his diaper is changed can sometimes prevent a rash from occurring. If an infant is suffering from this condition, it normally shows significant improvement after a few applications of vitamin D ointment. This is because it can form a protective coating that keeps moisture from getting onto the skin, thereby promoting healing.

Vitamin D ointment can be used on minor burns and cuts.
Vitamin D ointment can be used on minor burns and cuts.

As vitamin D ointment usually includes softening agents, such as petroleum jelly — also known as petrolatum — and lanolin, it can be very useful in treating dry skin. This is especially true for people who suffer from psoriasis, a skin condition often characterized by scaly, dry patches of skin. If this cream also contains vitamin A, it may also serve to relieve the itching that might be associated with these outbreaks.

This product is not generally recommended for prolonged use, except as a diaper rash preventative. People who use vitamin D ointment should consult their physicians if conditions do not improve within one week after beginning to use this product. Care should be taken not to get it in the eyes or to ingest it. Those who do so should seek medical attention immediately.

Vitamin D ointment is generally an easy product to use. It typically produces positive results after only a few applications. This can make it a good choice to keep on hand as a part of a family or office first aid kit.

Vitamin D ointment is often used to treat and prevent diaper rashes.
Vitamin D ointment is often used to treat and prevent diaper rashes.

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I'm not quite sure how vitamin D can help with dry skin. I suspect it's the other ingredients in the ointment like lanolin and petrolatum that moisturize skin. Lanolin by itself is an amazing product. It's an oil made from sheep's wool and works like a shield to keep moisture out.


Vitamin D ointment is great for diaper rash, in fact I think it's the best thing out there for skin irritation. It's a bit more difficult to find than zinc oxide diaper rash cream, but it's worth the hassle. It works immediately on my baby's skin.

The other day, I got a minor burn while cooking and realized that I had run out of the burn gel I usually use. So I reached for my daughter's vitamin D ointment. It actually worked just as well as the burn gel and got rid of the redness and pain. This ointment is definitely a keeper, everyone needs to keep one in their medicine cabinet.


I'm using a vitamin D ointment for psoriasis. It is one of the few treatments that have helped me. Before this, I was using steroid ointments but those are not safe for long term use and cause side effects. Vitamin D ointment is safer.

The key to using vitamin D ointment for psoriasis is using only a very small amount and only on the affected areas of skin. This ointment slows down the activity of skin cells an provides relief from psoriasis symptoms. I'm happy with it and plan on continuing with this treatment.

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