What is Vitamin B7 Deficiency?

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A vitamin B7 deficiency, also known as a biotin deficiency, is a condition in which there is not enough vitamin B7 taken in daily to meet the needs of the human body. When a deficiency occurs, there is a good chance that the individual will experience symptoms that are somewhat mild but still noticeable. However, some people have experienced severe health issues due to a lack of biotin in the body. Identified in some older health books as vitamin H, biotin or B7 is commonly included in B-complex supplements sold in various retail outlets.

One of first symptoms of vitamin B7 deficiency is a change in the condition of the hair. A person who is not getting enough biotin each day may notice some hair loss. In addition, the texture and gloss of the hair may change from healthy and shiny to dull and somewhat lifeless.

Various skin conditions can also indicate that a vitamin B7 deficiency is present. Just as the hair begins to dry out, the skin can as well when biotin levels are low. There is more of a possibility of developing dry, scaly patches of skin on the arms, legs, and in the groin area. If left unchecked, the texture of the skin may become exceedingly rough and easily irritated.


Vitamin B7 works with the other B vitamins in helping to sustain a healthy nervous system. When a vitamin B7 deficiency occurs, it can minimize the ability of other vitamins in the B family to supply the nerves with the nourishment required to function normally. As a result, the lack of biotin can lead to periods of depression that get worse over time, as well as some tingling in the extremities.

Fortunately, all vitamin B7 deficiency symptoms can be treated effectively by using supplements and taking care to eat foods containing a decent amount of biotin. Alternative health professionals often recommend the use of a B-complex supplement if biotin levels are low, since it is easier to keep the ingestion of the vitamin in line with the other members of the B family. To augment the supplemental vitamin B7 deficiency treatment, adding soybeans, carrots, oats, and raspberries back to the daily diet will help restore a balance of biotin in the body. In addition, onions, cucumbers, yogurt, and molasses are good sources of this vitamin. Eggs are also a good source when consumed in moderation, but can actually trigger a deficiency if consumed in excess.

Since vitamin B7 is water-soluble and only a small amount is stored in the liver, it is important that the biotin supply is restored each day. Taking steps to eat a balanced diet and supplementing with a good quality B-complex vitamin product will help to prevent the occurrence of this type of deficiency and help keep body and mind healthy. Generally, people who follow this regimen will notice a difference in mood, hair texture, and skin condition within a couple of weeks.


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Post 2

There is also vitamin B15. I had never heard of this until the doctor mentioned it to me while I was pregnant. Apparently it helps boost your immune system. The doctor told me to take it during the winter months to help minimize the occurrence of colds and helps with the symptoms. He said it was not a cure, but it does help lessen the symptoms and the frequency of coming down with a cold.

I did take them and I noticed a difference. I felt a little better overall. I did some research on the subject, and many of the benefits I had have not been proven yet. I hope they do more studies on this vitamin, because I think it has some great potential.

Post 1

I have heard of vitamins B6 and B12, but I did not know there was a vitamin B7. I also find it odd that it was called vitamin H for years in the medical world.

My wife had a vitamin B deficiency, and the doctor put her on a B complex instead of individual pills. He said that her other biotin levels were low enough that they could use the extra boost.

She now feels more energetic and has noticed her moods are better. It is amazing how being low on something in your body can affect you.

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