What is Visual Data Mining?

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Visual data mining is an idea that uses recent technology to apply some specific principles to how humans interpret data. Data mining is the process of detecting patterns in a certain chunk of information. It is a very general method, applied in detailed ways to get specific results, in areas like finance, medicine, public administration and government, transportation, and much more.

Much of technology behind data mining has only been invented relatively recently, with the microcomputer being the most relevant example. Computers can collect and display a huge amount of data that, with data mining, can be interpreted in different ways. This is the power that data mining brings to the human community, and the potential that its practitioners are looking at for improving modern methodologies.

In visual data mining, programmers build interfaces that allow for visual presentations to be a part of how users interpret the data. The data might be places into graphs or charts so that users can spot patterns or outliers that wouldn't otherwise be immediately obvious. Scientists and programmers are still looking at the possibilities of this method and suggesting some recommendations for best possible techniques.


According to top theorists, simplicity is key for these kinds of interfaces. These programs must be able to display data in ways that make it easy for users to “see” it. Those looking at this technique also see “leading” as a potential problem in applications. Users need to be able to objectively draw their own conclusions from a resentation.

Other issues in visual data mining involve whether the program is available to a large audience. Creators of these programs should also think about whether security is sufficient to protect the programs from unauthorized use. The overall design of systems must be precise. They should be easily accessible to users, secure from hackers, and made to be inherently powerful data presentations.

In some industries, these applications and similar programs are evolving at an amazing rate. Many who are engaged in these sectors find it useful to keep track of the progress that others are making in related technologies. Visual and interactive data mining is expected to be an important tool for the future of the interaction between humans and computers.


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