What is Vision Care?

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Vision care is the collective term for various processes involved in maintaining healthy and function eyes. The main purpose of regular eye care is to make sure that an individual enjoys the highest level of sight that is possible. Within the scope of this strategy for eye health, there are a number of components like education, regular health maintenance, and care plans to aid in correcting any type of vision problems that may arise.

At the forefront of most vision care plans is the establishment of a regular eye checkup. For many people, this involves a routine eye examination once a year. During the examination, the eye care professional, usually an optometrist or ophthalmologist, will administer a simple vision test using a chart containing lines of letters. The letters at the top of the chart are larger. Each successive line of letters is smaller than the previous line, making it possible to get an idea of the range of vision currently enjoyed by the patient.

The eye care professional will also examine the general condition of the eye, making sure there is no cloudiness around the cornea, or any other abnormality that indicates some sort of emerging physical condition. While this is important for anyone, this regular exam can be especially important for anyone who has a health issue that could impact the function of the eyes. For example, someone with diabetes would have one or possibly two eye examinations each year.


Corrective lenses are an important part of vision care for many people. Glasses and contact lenses help to correct a number of sight issues. Both types of eyewear can be used to help nearsighted and farsighted individuals expand their natural range of vision to a level that is considered normal. Most vision care insurance packages will provide for the routine replacement of both contacts and glasses at least once every two years.

Vision care can also entail the use of surgical procedures to correct vision issues. LASIK surgery is one of the more recent innovations in eye care that is available to many people. In some cases, surgery can eliminate the need for corrective lenses altogether. However, not everyone is a candidate for this type of vision correction. A trained professional can evaluate the general health and in particular the condition of the eyes and determine if surgery is an option.

There are other elements of vision care that are essential for maintaining the function of the eyes. A proper diet containing vitamins and minerals that promote eye health is very important. Regular medical checkups to identify and treat physical ailments that could impact eye function is also necessary to the process of vision care. Many eye care professionals will provide patients with information on how to create and maintain a proactive vision care plan, making it easy for anyone to learn and apply the basics of proper care of the eyes.


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