What is Virtual Weight Loss?

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Virtual weight loss is a type of motivational tool used to support a person’s weight loss plan. It accomplishes this by providing a visual representation of the dieter’s current weight, as well as a simulation of how he or she will look once reaching the goal weight. Through the use of a virtual model, dieters can create an accurate, three-dimensional representation of their body shape and size. This, in turn, allows dieters to document their weight loss more effectively, and clearly visualize the changes in their body as their diet progresses.

After entering his or her weight and height information, virtual weight loss programs use standard body mass index (BMI) calculations to create a virtual model of the user’s body. On many sites, users can even select hair color and style, as well as eye color, skin tone, and other customizable characteristics. Some sites also allow users to choose clothing. After creating a model, users can then easily adjust it’s weight to determine how he or she would look after losing or gaining a specified amount of weight. This three-dimensional simulation not only prepares the actual person for weight loss, but also serves as a motivation tool to help users stick to a diet plan.


Some of the more advanced virtual weight loss tools allow users to upload photographs of themselves to a website. After the user specifies the amount of weight he or she wants to lose, the photograph is then digitally altered to those specifications. A true-to-life portrait of his or her outcome, after weight loss, can then be viewed.

In addition to providing visual motivation to its users, virtual weight loss tools typically also provide valuable information to users, such as nutritional facts, diet tips, and suggested exercise plans. Allowing users to judge their weight loss before it occurs, the tools are not only convenient for dieters who prefer to lose weight from home, but also provide online support for individuals who do not have time to attend regular, in-person meetings.

Virtual weight loss tools are usually found on websites that promote healthy living, such as diet forums, medical sites, and online fitness or education publications. Companies specializing in diet plans or specialized meals often advertise their products with these types of virtual weight loss sites. Although most online sources offer free access to their virtual weight loss tools, users may be charged a small fee for access to additional features.


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Post 2

I sometimes go to an online weight loss website that talks a lot about virtual weight loss. It also allows people to upload their weight loss pictures, talk about their experiences, shop for weight loss products and offer support to each other. It is a great community.

But the thing is, as much as I read this site I have not taken any steps to begin my own weight loss. Its like it get caught up in other people's stories and don't take any action for myself. It's my goal for the new year to loose weight. I really hope I can find the spark that I need.

Post 1

I belong to a gym that offers a kind of virtual weight loss program along with their personal training. I signed up for it and I think it really helped.

So I have to admit, the virtual image that they showed me was not the highest quality. These are personal trainers, not special effects wizards. But it looked reasonably enough like me and I definitely started to develop a picture in my mind of myself looking like someone I hadn't looked like for years. I couldn't even imagine myself that way without someone elses help.

Once I started the program and I saw all the other fit people in the gym and imagined myself as one of them

I knew that I could not fail. After many months and a lot of hard work I have lost 90 pounds! I feel great, I love the way I look and I have been eating and living healthier than I ever have before. I think this is going to stick. I can't give all the help to the virtual weight loss image but I think that it helped.

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