What Is Vintage Grunge?

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Vintage grunge is a fashion style that generally seeks to revive this distinctive look that first became popular during the 1990s. Grunge clothing emphasizes comfort and muted colors more than some other fashion styles. Popular vintage grunge outfits often pair faded and ripped jeans with flannel shirts or rock band shirts. Plenty of inspiration for this fashion style indeed came from some elements of the punk rock and alternative rock styles of certain musicians during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Vintage grunge clothing styles are often presented as alternatives to other styles that closely follow stereotypes from other music genres; examples are gothic and punk clothing as well as the emo style.

Wearers of vintage grunge often adopt the style to convey a certain attitude, namely one that rejects conformity on a superficial level. Affordability is usually another priority when it come to selecting vintage grunge clothing; those with this style generally dismiss the notion that clothes need to be brand-new and free of holes, loose threads, or even stains in some cases. Favorite shopping spots for vintage grunge may include thrift stores and small independent shops. College and university campuses are often popular spots for this kind of fashion revival to catch on as a trend.


Some people who prefer the grunge clothing style seek to separate themselves from being categorized with the emo style. The main differences between these two style relates to the types of band shirts worn and sometimes the types of accessories such as belts. Those who dress in more of an emo style tend to often wear black shirts depicting different musicians and jeans with fewer rips, paired with belts or wristbands in brighter colors. Colors of grunge-style vintage clothing tend to be shades of maroon, dark green, gray, and faded navy blue in many cases.

While both men and women can wear the denim and flannel of grunge clothing, some women can opt for a more feminine grunge look if they wish. Floral knee-length dresses paired with torn stockings and heavy boots are popular, as are bowler hats and oversize plaid shirts worn as jackets over one of these dresses. Some other women's grunge style accessories can include heavy silver bracelets and silver or pearl stud earrings. Another fashion statement that keeps with this clothing style is often a pair of faded denim shorts worn over a pair of tights.


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