What Is Vimax?

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Vimax is a male sexual enhancement medication that made its debut in 2001. Montreal, Canada-based company OA Internet Services Ltd. markets and distributes the drug. Vimax is only available for purchase online, or by phone.

The medication is meant to increase one's sexual desire and stamina during sexual intercourse. It is also believed to make the penis bigger and harder by inducing increased blood flow to that part of the body. OA claims that the average man using Vimax can expect a 3- to 4-inch (about 8- to 10-centimeter) increase in length and 25 percent increase in thickness. All these benefits combine to produce longer, more intense and more pleasurable lovemaking.

Vimax contains several natural ingredients. Semen Cuscutae, a dodder seed used for centuries in China, is applied as a remedy for impotence or rapid climax during sexual intercourse; while ginseng, native to eastern Asia, helps to increase blood flow. Other ingredients in the medication include saw palmetto extract, which indigenous peoples of the Americas have used for reproductive problems, ginkgo for oxygenation, and cayenne pepper for improving blood circulation.


OA recommends a dosage of one pill per day via oral administration with water. It should be taken 30 minutes before sexual activity takes place. An increase in sexual desire and durability is supposed to take place within four weeks of taking the medication. Another four-week period is needed to see growth and increased stiffness. A bottle of Vimax pills is equivalent to a month's supply, and OA offers savings deals if a person wants to order more than one. The medication's website, however, does not give any information regarding the number of pills that are contained in each bottle.

The availability of Vimax is limited. People who wish to purchase the enlargement supplement cannot get it in retail stores or find it as a prescription medicine. Moreover, Vimax is not approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This is because clinical trials, which the FDA requires of pharmaceuticals, are not necessary for Vimax, which is an agent with herbal ingredients. According to OA, Vimax boasts a 95 percent success rate with a test group of men aged 18 to 74, and there have been no substantial reports of side effects. There is, however, a general lack of independent studies to quantify the efficacy of the drug.


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