What is Video Instruction?

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Video instruction is an educational tool by which information is relayed through a video instead of through more traditional tools such as textbooks. Video instruction can also be used when it is impossible or inconvenient for the student or students to attend a live lecture or demonstration. Sometimes teachers in traditional classrooms bring in videos in order to demonstrate experiments that are too costly or dangerous to preform in person. Videos may also be brought into the classroom to show lectures by experts in the field. They may also be used to reinforce information that has already been presented in texts or lectures.

Video instruction is especially useful to students who are completing correspondence courses or online courses. While online courses rely quite a bit on independent study, it is possible through video instruction for students to witness demonstrations of specific practices instead of simply reading about them. Furthermore, professors who teach correspondence and online courses can use videos to help students understand concepts that are difficult to explain via email. Professors can even make their own videos to use while teaching such distance-learning courses.


Video instruction is very popular in the fitness industry. People who are interested in improving or maintaining their fitness level often purchase videos of exercise instruction. This way they can get expert advice about fitness, learn new kinds of exercises, and follow a step-by-step exercise routine. Because videos are much less expensive than personal training sessions, this type of video instruction is quite popular.

It is also possible to learn how to play a sport or improve athletic abilities through video instruction. There are videos about sports such as golf and tennis that are intended to instruct novice players about the game or help more seasoned players improve their abilities.

Now that many people have Internet connections that support streaming video, it is possible to watch instructive videos online. Some are available for free and others are available to download for a fee. Downloads are often less expensive than the price of a hard copy of the video. Furthermore, websites can use videos to both advertise and educate consumers about how to use their products. Videos can also be used to help customers with troubleshooting and at-home repairs.

While nothing quite replaces in-person instruction, video instruction is certainly a useful tool in many different fields. It is likely that, as the Internet becomes a more powerful resource for the exchange of information, video instruction will continue to increase in popularity.


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