What Is Video Email Marketing?

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Video email marketing is a type of marketing approach that involves the use of video advertising delivered to potential customers by means of sending out promotional emails. There are a couple of ways to employ this type of technique, usually by either embedding the video in the body of the email, providing a link to the server where the video resides, or even providing a copy of the video as an attachment to the email. This process normally requires the development of email text that motivates recipients to view the video and hopefully choose to make a purchase.

One of the chief benefits to the use of video email marketing is that this approach appeals to a wider range of the senses than many other marketing approaches used with a direct mail approach. A significant amount of people relate to the world visually, while a smaller number relate primarily to the world through some type of audio stimulation. The movement of the video advertising, combined with the use of an audio component, helps to make use of two of the primary senses people use when evaluating the potential of different product offerings. This means that the chances of generating sales using video email marketing is greater than using text alone in an email campaign.


Another advantage of video email marketing is that this approach has a greater opportunity to go viral. Assuming the video resonates with the recipient in some manner, there is a greater chance that the email will be passed on to others who may find it interesting. The fact that videos are more likely to be passed on to others than simple text ads means companies can actually reach more people using this approach, without spending any additional funds.

While there are benefits to using video email marketing, this approach also has some drawbacks. If the targeted client base is more likely to include people who rely on slower Internet connections, viewing a video may not be a possibility. In addition, the increased resources necessary to send out multiple emails with the video embedded or even attached as a file can slow down servers significantly, possibly leading to some email providers blocking the emails. Recipients who are leery of clicking on links or opening attached files received from an unknown source may simply delete the email without every seeing the video. The cost of producing a quality video for product promotion, while more cost-effective than in years past, is still higher than other methods and may be beyond the budgetary limitations of some companies.


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