What is Video Blogging?

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Video blogging, also sometimes called vlogging, is a means of recording a journal for publication on the Internet. Instead of traditional blogging, which usually involves written posts and still images, video blogging relies on uploaded videos from the creator of the blog. There are few rules that define what a video blog is or isn't; as a relatively new form of personal expression, the field of vlogging is wide open to innovation and new ideas.

The basic requirements for video blogging are a computer with an Internet connection and a recording device. Some of the devices used to record a video blog include phones, digital cameras, camcorders, and even webcams. Other basic requirements may include video editing software, to help improve the initial recording, and space on a blog-hosting site. Additional equipment may include lighting, props, and microphones for recording the blog.

In general, most video blogs are non-fictional. Some people may use them like a personal diary, recording the events that happen in their lives. Others may make a video blog to talk about a specific topic they are passionate about, or to teach a set of skills through video demonstration. Some famous video blogs have been filmed to look non-fictional but are actually scripted. A fictional video blog is usually categorized as a web series, instead of video blogging.


Video blogging can be done simply as a personal exercise, but it can also be done for profit. In order to make vlogging a profitable endeavor, the blog must be posted on a site that allows bloggers to generate revenue through sponsorship or pay-per-download methods. Sponsorship involves allowing advertisers to post ads on the site for a fee, while pay-per schemes make viewers buy each episode or vlog for a small fee. In order for either type of enterprise to be financially viable, a vlogger must create a blog that has a lot of traffic and attracts repeat viewers.

There are some issues that may be important to consider before video blogging. The first is that vlogging is usually accessible by the public, so any private or personal information revealed will be out there for the world to watch. While this may not concern the primary vlogger, other people may have serious and even legally actionable problems with their personal information being revealed without permission on another person's video blog. It is also important to remember that posting signs of any illegal activity on a video blog may serve as reason for arrest and evidence against the blogger. Using common sense and considering the privacy of others can help keep video blogging safe and entertaining.


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