What is Vibrational Medicine?

Karyn Maier
Karyn Maier

Vibrational medicine, also known as vibrational energy medicine, is a branch of healing that embraces two basic principles as natural laws that can be applied to everything that consists of matter and space: energy resonance and polarity. In terms of the first principle, proponents of vibrational medicine stress that all living things possess energy fields that pulse at a specific frequency. However, this energy, which resides in the physical as well as the auric body, is not intended to remain static. Instead, it will strive to resonate with similar energy frequencies and seek to flow between opposite polarities, such as from a state of movement to stillness and back again. By doing so, balance and order of the whole being is maintained.

Anatomical model of the human body
Anatomical model of the human body

In a living organism, resonance and polarity of energy is believed to regulate cellular arrangement and stability. However, without these influences, a lack of order may occur. In fact, practitioners of vibrational medicine contend that a blockage or other disturbance in energy flow promotes a state of imbalance, which may eventually lead to illness. In addition, the body can be affected on any level, impacting emotional and spiritual health as well as physical health.

Many of the underlying theories of this system of healing are based on the work of Dr. Richard Gerber, who is recognized as the voice of authority on the subject. In his book, Vibrational Medicine, Dr. Gerber asserts that the sole distinction between matter existing in the corporeal and ethereal plane is a difference in energy frequency. Further, he states that the two are able to occupy the same space at the same time because their frequencies do not obstruct or hinder each other. Gerber also points out that energy vibrations can be introduced or transferred from higher resonating bodies to another to promote harmony and balance.

Gerber illustrates the principle of energy transference by pointing to the conveyance of energy to atoms possessing a similar vibrational resonance that occurs during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). In fact, this is how an MRI works to scan and pinpoint locations in the body that are in contrast, or diseased. This principle is the very essence of vibrational medicine as a diagnostic and healing tool. The paths to rearrange or transfer energy frequencies are represented by the five senses. The tools to raise or balance vibrational frequency are quite varied and include aromatherapy, sound therapy, sacred geometry (pyramid energy), color therapy, light therapy, and working with crystals and gemstones.

Karyn Maier
Karyn Maier

Contributing articles to wiseGEEK is just one of Karyn’s many professional endeavors. She is also a magazine writer and columnist, mainly for health-related publications, as well as the author of four books. Karyn lives in New York’s Catskill Mountain region and specializes in topics about green living and botanical medicine.

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@honeybees - My knowledge is very limited when it comes to healing crystals, but I will tell you my experience.

I was looking for a natural flea treatment for my dog. I really was looking for a natural way to prevent the fleas because I don't like the chemicals that are used in most of the products on the market.

When I was doing my research I read that putting an amethyst crystal in her water bowl would keep the fleas away. I figured this was an inexpensive thing to try and didn't have anything to lose.

The crystal was supposed to put out some kind of frequency that would prevent her from getting fleas. I kept a medium sized crystal in her water bowl through the whole summer.

I have never had a problem with fleas in the past, so really don't don't if it worked or not. I didn't have to treat her with anything else for fleas that summer, so maybe there is something to the theory.


I haven't had much exposure to vibrational healing and frequency other than aromatherapy. I have an ultrasonic diffuser that I use to diffuse essential oils in the air.

I choose different oils depending on what I want to accomplish. If I am sleepy and need to feel awake and alert, I will diffuse something like peppermint or lemon oils.

If I am coming down with a cold, I will diffuse something like clove that has a lot of antibacterial properties.

If I am having trouble sleeping at night, I will pour a few drops of lavender oil in the diffuser and this helps me relax and fall asleep.

I can't really say whether this is actually therapeutic or just makes me feel better. It always makes the room smell really nice and I think there must be some healing power there too.

I have been somewhat curious about the way healing crystals work and wondered if anyone has ever used them with good results?


I have read the Vibrational Medicine book by Dr. Gerber because I was interested in learning more about this type of medicine and healing.

While I found this book very educational, I still must say that I am somewhat of a skeptic when it comes to this type of healing.

I think there are some methods of alternative healing that do work, but I have never seen consistent results when I have tried energy medicine.

Maybe having an open mind is part of the whole process. For example, I would be willing to try acupuncture because I know friends who have had great results with this technique. One was able to get rid of headaches, and for another friend it really helped her carpal tunnel symptoms.

Since I don't know anyone who has had good results using something like healing chakras, I find myself much more hesitant to try this method.

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