What Is Venison Bacon?

C. Daw

Venison bacon is bacon that is made out of deer meat mixed with pork, instead of all pork. Venison is the common name for deer meat, and it contains numerous vitamins and minerals that the body needs, but usually has much less fat than farmed animals such as pigs or cows. Deer meat is also completely natural unless it is purchased from a deer farm, so there are never any additives or steroids used as they grow. This alone has made venison bacon a better choice for people who want to watch what they eat but do not want to give up eating meat. Even though this type of bacon has pork in it, the bad aspects of this livestock are cut in half.

Venison bacon generally contains much less fat than bacon made from pigs.
Venison bacon generally contains much less fat than bacon made from pigs.

As with all of types of bacon, venison bacon is made through various stages in order to get the final product. The first step that is done is to mix an equal amount of deer and pork and grind it into small pieces with a meat grinder with a larger blade. This mixture is then ground again by using a smaller blade and adding the venison bacon seasoning packets. Make sure that the proper portion of meat to seasoning is used, and after the mixture is ground up into a bowl mix the proper amount of water with it in order to allow the seasoning to soak into the meat evenly.

Deer meat is mixed with pork to make venison bacon.
Deer meat is mixed with pork to make venison bacon.

This meat mixture is then packed down onto the top of a coated baking sheet in thick layers and then placed into a smoker for around an hour. This allows the bacon to cure and form into crisp pieces that will eventually be cut into the venison bacon strips. Make sure to use a meat thermometer to ensure that the bacon is cooked completely through and then allow it to cool in the refrigerator before slices it into strips.

The bacon strips are then ready to be fried. Venison bacon is an alternative to regular bacon that is loaded with fat and cholesterol, usually cutting the amounts of these harmful ingredients in half. When the love for bacon overwhelms the necessity of cutting out bad foods within the diet, venison bacon can be used to supplement the original all pork bacon. The benefit of making bacon in a smoker is that it can be made in any shape and style, and it can be seasoned to the specific tastes of the person making it.

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