What is Vehicle Maintenance?

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When something is maintained, the idea is to keep it in a good and functional state. Vehicle maintenance refers to a practice where an automobile is serviced on a regular basis to prevent a major breakdown or the need for major repair. Examples of the type of auto services that may be sought for maintenance purposes include changing the oil, changing the spark plugs, and rotating the tires.

It is believed that an automobile will last longer and operate better if a person adheres to the vehicle maintenance schedule. This is generally a document or booklet that comes with the car that prescribes when certain services should be sought. In some cases, if a person does not adhere to this schedule, she risks voiding her warranty.

Some people, for whatever reason, may not have a vehicle maintenance schedule. This does not mean it is a lost cause. An auto mechanic can generally prescribe a maintenance schedule that will help a person keep her car functioning properly. General maintenance schedules are also commonly available on the Internet.

There are various types of vehicle maintenance. Some of them, such as changing the oil or replacing the timing belt, are necessary to help prevent a major breakdown. Other services, such as rotating the tires and changing the brake pads, are necessary to reduce the amount of money spent on replacement parts. For example, when tires are not rotated, they may not last as long.


Safety is a good reason to maintain a vehicle. Changing windshield wiper blades is an example of something that should be done from time to time instead of when there is an apparent need. If a person waits until she is in the midst of a storm and then discovers her wiper blades need changing, she will place herself at risk. The same is true with tires that are not changed according to the manufacturer's recommendations. The result could be a blow out that causes an accident.

Another reason that people should take vehicle maintenance seriously is because it adds to the value of the automobile. In many instances, when a person attempts to sell a car or trade it in for a new one, a maintenance record is requested. If it can be shown that the vehicle has been properly maintained, a potential buyer is likely to pay more.


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Not including tire rotation in our motor vehicle maintenance schedule may lead to issues that you are not aware of until you notice that your car's ride is not as smooth as it use to be. This is another type of vehicle maintenance that is fairly inexpensive but that can lead to costly problems if overlooked.

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No one should underestimate the importance of regular oil changes as part of his or her vehicle maintenance schedule. Many people who are very busy or who are trying to save money may forgo frequent oil changes, just to find out later that the damage this neglect may cause is very time consuming and expensive.

Loss of oil pressure, lower fuel economy, and a build up of engine sludge are just some of the problems that can result from a lack of regular oil changes. These are problems that may not sound too terrible by themselves, but that can lead to other automobile problems that can be so major that complete engine replacement is required. This is because running dirty oil through your engine is harmful to so many of its working parts.

The bottom line is that getting oil changes as recommended by the automobile dealer or manufacturer will save a lot of problems in the future.

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