What is Variegated Yarn?

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Variegated yarn is multi-colored yarn that is dyed in sections. The colored sections may appear in a random order or in a set pattern. Either way, the streaks of different colors in variegated yarn creates interesting effects in knitted and crocheted items such as blankets, sweaters, scarves and baby clothes.

Variegated yarn is especially great for beginning needlecrafters as they can get a variety of color in their projects without having the complication of working with complex patterns and many different strands of yarn. Variegated yarn is also easy to buy since as long as you like the colors in the streaked yarn, you should be happy with the streaked pattern created. The multi-colored patterning created by using variegated yarn also makes beginner-level projects such as scarves more interesting to look at than if they were worked in a single color.

Variegated yarn is available in many different color combinations. You can find varying shades of the same color or a rainbow of totally contrasting shades. Christmas red and green, Easter pastels and military green and khaki are just some of the many color varieties of variegated yarn available. Variegated pastel baby weight yarn is classic and usually available in pastel rainbow looks as well as in all-blues, all-pinks or in a green and yellow mix etc.


Variegated yarn can be used as an accent trim as well as for a whole knitted or crocheted piece. For example, you may want to trim a solid color knit or crochet baby blanket with a border of variegated yarn or make an afghan with alternating stripes of solid and variegated yarn. Borders crafted from variegated yarn cam also add interest to a solid knitted or crocheted hat.

A faux variegated look can be made by knitting two strands of two different solid color yarns together as you would work with one strand. The result is not quite the same as authentic variegated yarn that has more than two shades or colors, but it can add a bold and exciting look depending on the two colors used. This method should only be used when you want thicker items such as slippers, since knitting two strands together as one produces a double weight item.


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These types of yarn are especially popular for holidays, especially things like Christmas variegated yarn. The different color themes can make cute gifts for a specific season, or anytime for someone who happens to like that set of colours.

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There are many types of nice variegated yarn, from bulky yarn to types like silk yarn. While you can find pretty cheap kinds, the nicest will be the ones which are hand dyed.

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