What is Vanilla Essential Oil?

T. Webster

Vanilla essential oil is extracted from the vanilla plant, which is native to Central America and Mexico but also is found in other tropical regions. Essential oils are so named because they come from the essence of the plant. Specifically, vanilla oil comes from the plant's green fruit. The oil commonly is used in scented candles, body oil and other holistic health or beauty treatments.

Bath salts made with vanilla essential oil.
Bath salts made with vanilla essential oil.

The lengthy process for making vanilla essential oil makes it one of the more expensive oils to buy. It is versatile, however, and it blends well with other oils. Its scent is sweet yet neutral, which makes it good for pairing with sandalwood, lavender, orange or lemon oil, to name a few.

Vanilla essential oil.
Vanilla essential oil.

The process for making this oil starts with picking and then drying the plant's fruit until it becomes a fragrant bean. The scent from the beans is then extracted with a process that uses odorless fats. These fats are used to absorb the scent.

A jar of lotion containing vanilla essential oil.
A jar of lotion containing vanilla essential oil.

The scent is absorbed by placing the beans on grates over the fat or by mixing the beans into the fat. The fat is then placed into an alcohol substance that draws the fragrance into it. After the alcohol is distilled, only the essential oil remains, and the oil is now ready to be bottled and shipped for sale. Vanilla essential oil should be stored in dark bottles to protect it. The oil will dissolve if placed in an aluminum bottle.

In holistic health practices, vanilla essential oil is touted as an aphrodisiac, a sedative, a fever reducer and an anti-depressant. Its sweet scent often has a calming effect that reduces anxiety. Some of these attributes are not scientifically proven but are based only on anecdotal experiences. Some people speculate that the calming properties of vanilla also are associated with comfort foods such as ice cream or sugar cookies.

The essential oil from vanilla is found in products such as candles, room freshening sprays, perfumes, body lotion and bath salts, to name a few. Some of these products contain essential oil, and others simply contain vanilla fragrance. This also can take the form of vanillin, an artificial and less expensive version of vanilla.

Caution should be used not to confuse vanilla essential oil used for aromatherapy purposes with vanilla extract that is used in cooking. It generally is not recommended for consumption. Depending on what the vanilla essential oil is combined with, it might even be harmful if swallowed. Labels always should be checked to verify an oil’s intended purpose.

Vanilla essential oil is extracted from the vanilla plant, which is native to Central America, Mexico and other tropical regions.
Vanilla essential oil is extracted from the vanilla plant, which is native to Central America, Mexico and other tropical regions.

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How hard would it be for me to make my own essential oil. I have some really nice imported vanilla beans but I have more than I will ever be able to use. I have seen a few tutorials on how to make vanilla essential oil but it would be nice to get a first hand impression from someone that has done it.

Is it worth the time and effort or should I just go to the store and buy some oil that has already been made?


I have an electric air freshener in my home that regularly sends a mist of atomized vanilla essential oil into the air. I have always love the scent of vanilla and I figured that I would spread it throughout my home.

To me, vanilla smells warm and cozy. It reminds me of winter evenings when you are glad to be inside. Ever since I was a little girl I have loved that smell.


I like to use a little bit of organic vanilla essential oil as a perfume. I will put a little drop on my finger and dab it on both sides of my neck. The scent is really subtle but it is definitely there. It is more like a complimentary scent than one that dominates.

I love the smell of vanilla and I tend to dislike the aggressive smell of most perfumes and scented lotions. The vanilla, is natural, safe and it matches my personality perfectly.

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