What is Unrefined Coconut Oil?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Unrefined coconut oil is pure oil made from coconut meat that has not gone through a process to hydrogenate the final product. As a result, the unrefined oil is a healthier choice than other types of coconut oils. There are those who claim that it may also prove beneficial in preventing or at least controlling a number of different health issues.

Unrefined coconut oil is made from unprocessed coconut meat.
Unrefined coconut oil is made from unprocessed coconut meat.

A number of products can be made from coconuts, many of which make use of the husk or the meat. Others are based on using the liquid found in coconuts, sometimes referred to as coconut juice or milk, or even coconut water. The oil is actually extracted from the meat of the coconut, although the milk may also be used in some processes.

Coconut oil is extracted from the meat of a coconut.
Coconut oil is extracted from the meat of a coconut.

It is important to note that unrefined coconut oil does contain saturated fats. Once thought to be a substantial health risk, more recent research indicates that saturated fats may actually have some degree of benefit to the human body. This has led many people to take a second look at coconut oil, which is not hydrogenated and, therefore is less likely to raise bad cholesterol levels. It may even contain properties that helps to raise good cholesterol.

Lauric acid, which is an ingredient found in unrefined coconut oil, may help prevent hypothyroidism.
Lauric acid, which is an ingredient found in unrefined coconut oil, may help prevent hypothyroidism.

One of the elements in the unrefined oil is known as lauric acid. This compound is said to fight bacteria and fungus in the body. By supporting the immune system, proponents of this oil believe that it can help prevent health issues like hypothyroidism, high cholesterol and high triglycerides, and even heart disease.

While there is no doubt that unrefined coconut oil contains more nutrients than refined oils, there is some difference of opinion on just how much benefit is derived from using the coconut oil versus other products, such as peanut oil or olive oil. While there is general agreement that unrefined oil is usually a better option than using refined versions, many people still believe that these other oils provide a superior taste and either match or exceed the health benefits of coconut.

As a cooking oil, this product has a long shelf life. When stored at room temperature, the oil will remain fresh for roughly one full year. It also tends to have a more pronounced flavor and aroma than refined oils, something that should be taken into consideration when preparing a recipe. Cooks who routinely use other types of oil to deep fry foods will find that unrefined coconut oil has a lower smoke point. This means that it's necessary to use less heat when using the oil, or a cook can quickly burn it and ruin the food.

Unrefined coconut oil may contain properties that help raise good cholesterol.
Unrefined coconut oil may contain properties that help raise good cholesterol.
Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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My KTC coconut oil tastes and smells fake. I am not happy.


The reason it doesn't have a scent or smell of coconut is because it's refined. They refine it so it can withstand higher temperatures when cooking (for frying, sautéeing, etc.) If you're looking for the taste of coconut, you should go for virgin or extra virgin versions of this oil as they're not refined. Virgin versions of it are healthier, but the refined version is healthy too, and definitely not a bad choice either, just useful for different purposes.

Virgin is not suited for cooking because of it's low smoking point. It's better used on salads (and for esthetics, skin etc). I hope this is helpful information for the future.


I also bought ktc coconut oil and I spoke with them in detail. There are very few vitamins in coconut oil and there are medium chain fatty acids which are its real benefit and at temperature they do not change so it's the same as virgin, really no more or no fewer benefits. Because the oil is much more stable and molecules don't change, then cold or hot, it is the same.


I bought 'Pure Coconut oil' twice this week. the second was from KTC and this one smells a but like coconut.

However the first I bought was from 'Pride' and that one doesn't smell at all.

Both mention 'Pure Coconut Oil' on the label. It's a bit weird. I'll check if there is a difference in melting point


KTC coconut oil is healthy! But not unrefined is better because it's not heated but 'extra vergin' and then it has also a lot of vitamins minerals. When you heat coconut oil, it will be destroyed. But refined coconut oil is still healthier then the most other oils! But unrefined is the best! But don't bake in unrefined because its to expensive for that! For baking, use the cheaper refined coconut oil.


What do you mean about "i was doing myself more harm than good"? what's the problem with ktc coconut oil?


hello cassy. if you bought the ktc 100 percent pure 500ml or 250 ml coconut oil, the reason why it has no smell is because it's refined, so the claim of 100 percent pure is false and misleading, as i too, bought coconut oil for my health. turns out i was doing myself more harm than good. you must buy unrefined. you will be able to tell difference straight away. oh and its far more expensive. --Ray


I bought 100% pure coconut oil, but it has no smell. Do you know why not?

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